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2012 September 17

Zang Toi Finds His Muse!

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Julie Macklowe and Zang Toi Julie Macklowe and Zang Toi
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(NEW YORK) What happens when Zang Toi and vbeauté maven Julie Macklowe get together? Pure magic! Moments before his Sunday night show, Toi and his first-ever muse sat down with The Daily on what makes their friendship so beautiful—and why she’ll never be appearing on a certain Bravo show. BY EDDIE ROCHE

You seem very calm before your show, Zang!
Zang: I’m super organized. The collection was done almost three days ago. I don’t like last-minute work. It’s just not my style. Yesterday, I had my pedicure and manicure, and today, I had my facial. I’m all set!

When did you meet?
Z: Two years and three months ago!
Julie: At the CFDA Awards. Zang had the entire New York skyline embroidered on a cape. I said, “I don’t know who you are, but that is the most amazing cape  I’ve ever seen. He told me he did it by hand, and I told him we had to get married!
Z: Julie asked for my card, and nine months later, she called and offered to be my date for the CFDA Awards; that was the beginning of a great friendship.

What did you end up wearing?
Z: She wore a green silk taffeta opera coat.
J: It swallowed me up! [laughs] People were wondering if I was trying to channel André Leon Talley. In retrospect, it was probably a little big for me given that I’m 5'3", but I really liked it.
Z: So many New York girls get so jaded, but Julie is the easiest girl to dress and be with. She’s my life-sized Barbie doll.

Is Julie your first muse?
Z: Yes, in 23 years of designing! I’ve never had one before. I always have a certain theme or inspiration, but after meeting Julie, I was really inspired by her adventurous spirit and style.

What are your duties as muse?
J: To hang out with Zang!
Z: To inspire me...I’ve been a big fan of black and white, and for the first time in a long time, I’ve brought some pastels into the collection, thanks to Julie. I named a nail polish after her, too!

How are you collaborating?
J: I feel like we’re collaborating on life! Zang and I love going to trunk shows together. I go with him to consult on clothing, and he loves my skin care line, so we go store to store together. We travel well. I hope we collaborate on vbeauté.
Z: I’d been using another product for 15 years, and I finally switched over in April.
J: Single-handedly, Zang and my husband are teaching men that they should use skin care! My line is fragrance free, so men like it, too. I think they’re stealing it from their wives.

Are the models wearing vbeauté on the runway?
We’re doing facials before the girls get their makeup on. Wearing makeup is always better when you have great skincare preparation—it gives that beautiful glow!

Does your daughter use your skin care products?
J: Anti-aging isn’t really synonymous with five-year-olds, but someday.

Zang, what inspired your spring collection?
Z: The South of France. Julie was supposed to go with me, but had to cancel at the last minute. I went to Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc to sketch.

Do they finally take credit cards at du Cap?
They do! They have a new manager now. It’s so beautiful.

Will Julie grace your runway?
I don’t like to come out at the end by myself—I always have a model with me— but this time I’m going to finish the walk with Julie.
J: I put rubber soles on my shoes, so no falling!

There are a lot of Real Housewives in the audience. Would you ever do the show?
They actually called me two days ago to try to cast me.
Z: No way!
J: I think I died right then and there. I think I’m a little more luxury and upscale!

You would be great on TV.
It sounds really good in concept, but the intrusion is just too much for my husband. My daughter would love it, though!

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