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2013 February 7

You Told Us What? Ten Glorious Years of Stylish Indiscretion!

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You Told Us What?! You Told Us What?!
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(NEW YORK) In 20 seasons of covering your every move, The Daily has heard your confessions, your proclamations, your boasts, and your brilliance. Herewith, a few gems...

"Toto, because he’s a poor, innocent thing."—Marc Jacobs on the Wizard of Oz character he most identifies with, 2010

"When I first started out in the industry, I was just terrible. I always got fired. I had a bad attitude, and I basically sucked. I was practically unemployable."  —Lynn Yaeger, 2012

"How much can you really be interested in clothes?"—Adrian Grenier, 2007

"It’s a great book to read everywhere, even the loo."—DvF on Amanda Brooks’ I Heart Your Style, 2009

"The renegade thing [at Sean John] was marvelous because it’s Blade Runner, it’s Matrix, it’s dominatrix. But it’s today, and it’s young, and it’s sexy. I’m going right back to order my furs."—André Leon Talley, 2003

"When we were living together, Mario [Testino] thought my boyfriend was gay and in love with him. He wasn’t."  —Lori Goldstein, 2012

"It was so beautiful, it was disgusting."—Bee Shaffer on Proenza Schouler, 2006

"I think everyone needs a good spanking now and then. There are a few people I would like to spank." —Tom Ford, 2003

"I don’t have anyone to cuddle up to. I made up an ad that said, “If you are in your eighties, have a jet and a convertible, call me.”—Eileen Ford, 2012

"I ate no meat for seven months in college, and then I made a quick detour to the grocery store. I rushed to a package of bologna, ripped it open, and ate the entire thing standing in the aisle. I took the empty package to the checkout line."—Tim Gunn, 2011

"The Addams Family is the barometer of style." —Chris Benz, 2007

"He’s my boyfriend. We live together."—Cathy Horyn on Art Ortenberg, 2010

"First I’d lick her feet and see how she’d react. After that, we could talk."—Christian Louboutin on meeting his ghost-crush Marlene Dietrich, 2008

I wear cargo pants in the summer, and [Grace Coddington] doesn’t like those. I don’t know why! They’re cool. —Didier Malige, 2012

"Let’s face it, you cannot be an editor in chief in Manhattan unless you are a Scorpio. It’s in the job description. If you’re not a Scorpio, my advice to other would-be editors in chief would be to lie."—Glenda Bailey, 2008

"I had my whole jail cell filled with Alexander Wang. They can’t lock us down!" —Foxy Brown, 2008

"Carolina’s show is in the morning. Very poor idea. We’re not farmers!"—Fran Lebowitz, 2012

"If she’s raw in Europe, the only place she’ll be hitting is the bathroom." —Joe Zee on Anne Slowey’s diet while abroad, 2008

"I have Prada bags under my eyes."—Lily Donaldson, 2006

"He’s a cross between a wood nymph and an angel."—Kirstie Alley on Daily darling Zang Toi, 2011

"You’re my inspiration! Just text whenever."—Kate Lanphear to Linda Fargo, 2012

"Being nice is chic, but being an asshole seems more fashionable." —Zac Posen, 2003 

"If you want to get into Marc Jacobs, just show up with three pizzas and tell them you’re a delivery person."—Suzy Menkes, 2006

"Clueless. I don’t really cry at serious movies."—Russell Simmons on the last movie that made him weep, 2010

"I’m a little exhausted with all the sex positions I have to try, but it is what it is."—Joanna Coles on Cosmo, 2012

"I’m very Hermès oriented. I was wrapped in a Hermès blanket when I was born."—John Demsey, 2006

"Wearing a designer to that designer’s show is ridiculous. It’s like wearing a Coldplay tee to a Coldplay concert. The only exception is Metallica."—Lauren Santo Domingo, 2006

"I think I could fix Leonardo DiCaprio, make his look, give him a little bit more swagger, instead of feeling like his stylist did it. Who’s that Irish actor? Colin Farrell? I think he’d look hot in some of my shit."—Puff Daddy, 2003

"Her name is Drizzle…and my name is Tommy Bomby, or Tommy the Bomb." —Tommy Hilfiger on he and his wife, dee’s, rap names, 2011

"Hey, yeah, Dior, give me some free stuff! None of this discount shit!"—Missy Elliot, 2006

"Karl saw me before anybody had any interest! He said, ‘Look at this weird-looking hairy girl! Too skinny! Too much hair!’ People were like, ‘What do we do with it?’ Karl was like, ‘Put her in couture!’"—Irina Lazareanu, 2006

"Dress half as well as Stefano Tonchi." —Trip Gabriel’s career advice, 2007

"I love visiting my grandmother, Sonia, in her country house in France. We would do all sorts of bad things when I was growing up. She taught me how to play poker. We were the best because we were good liars. But if we played against each other,she always won."—Lola Rykiel, 2012

"I’ll be honest, but you’ll die. 25. I’m still dating him. We did it, and we’re still doing it. I’m a publicist’s nightmare, but an interviewer’s dream."—Rachel Antonoff on losing her virginity, 2011

"Wearing a designer to that designer’s show is ridiculous. It’s like wearing a Coldplay tee to a Coldplay concert. The only exception is Metallica."—Lauren Santo Domingo, 2006

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