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2010 May 11

Who's That Girl?

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Christine Staub on the cover of The Daily, September 12, 2009 Christine Staub on the cover of The Daily, September 12, 2009
Dreess, Thomas Wylde. Photograph by Gilles Bensimon
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A moment with Christine Staub, The Daily's newest muse. BY MARSHALL HEYMAN

The endless hijinks of Danielle Staub—the Botox, the phone sex, the pot-stirring, the interesting past—made the first season of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey the must-watch show of the spring. But while the series ended all too quickly—with a fabulous showdown at a local Italian catering hall starring Staub’s fellow hausfrau Teresa flipping over a table—that wasn’t the end for us!

You see, Ivan Bart, senior VP at IMG Models, had also been watching. That day in the kitchen when Danielle was droning on about how her kids were her best friends? Ivan saw something there onscreen—not just another reality TV star, something bigger. He saw—perched ever so daintily on her stool by the island—the next great American beauty. So imagine how delighted we were when Danielle and her smoking-hot 15-year-old global-fashion-superstar-in-the-making showed up unannounced at your dear Daily’s offices!

Needless to say, a plan was hatched that day: We would present Christine to the fashion world (that’s you!) in all her nubile glory—and get to hang out with her mom for a bit. The only thing missing? The photographer who discovered that other American beauty, Angela Lindvall, and who has shot more covers than any other: Gilles Bensimon.

Our metaplot in place, we convened again two weeks later at Pier 59, Bravo’s cameras in tow ...


Christine, how will you feel back at school in Jersey after doing this shoot?

CHRISTINE STAUB: Not really different. It doesn’t change the person I am.

Had you ever thought about being a model?

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