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2010 February 12

When Christian Met Oksana

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Olympic flames Christian Cota and Oksana Baiul Olympic flames Christian Cota and Oksana Baiul
Photos by Giorgio Niro
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Designer Christian Cota had done some amazing things since turning pro, but skating with an Olympic gold medalist wasn’t one of them. So, in honor of tonight’s Opening Ceremony, we paired him up with Oksana Baiul. The result was pure magic. BY VALENTINE UHOVSKI

Congrats! This was your first time skating with Oksana, and you didn’t fall once!

Christian Cota: The highlight was just getting to know her. So amazing, actually. She has as much personality as talent! But it was fun, because I had never done it. She’s such an expert and made me feel confident.

Did you have figure skating dreams when you were young?

CC: I did. When I was a kid I loved figure skating, but in Mexico they kind of push you toward hockey. [ed. note: They do?] Like, when I was seven I took some hockey lessons, but I was always -really more into figure skating. That’s what I’m looking forward to in Vancouver!

Oksana, tell us about today’s pupil.

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