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2012 February 6

What I Bought! With Marie Claire's Kyle Anderson

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(NEW YORK) More Koreatown eats, a bounty of Starbucks runs, and a jaunt to the Met were on the docket for Kyle Anderson this weekend. Plus an $185 Givenchy keychain here and a pair of Prada kicks there. Total damage accrued: $1,734.43 for the weekend, drumming up a grand total of $43,927.43 for the last three or so months. Wouldn't be a weekend in the Marie Claire accessories director's life sans a few fun expenditures, non?

Where does the time go? After a long week and a Friday shoot, I was exhausted! We were at the office until almost 10 p.m. Friday trying to get everything done before Fashion Week starts. I slept until lunchtime on Saturday and then went to gym; mid-workout decided to walk to Barneys. I had been on the waiting list for these new jeweled Prada golf shoes at the Prada store but they were already randomly on the shelf at Barneys. Score! They were exactly my size.

Then, I got a Starbucks coffee (no surprise there!) and strolled over to Bergdorf Goodman and Saks but couldn’t find anything, so I met up with my boyfriend. We walked to Koreatown to have dinner and were joined by friends. Girls night out—sort-of. Luckily, my boyfriend picked up the tab. I usually go to Han-Bat on 35th Street between Madison and Fifth. If I haven't mentioned it before...they have the best Korean seafood pancake!
TAXI: $7.30

First thing in the morning, there was a package with a new keychain I ordered from for my friends’ birthday from Givenchy. What a way to start out the day! I met one of my friends who is already in New York for Fashion Week castings, and he hasn’t really spent much time here so we met in the morning for coffee. He also had never had a chai latte, so I like to have everyone experience my favorite drink!

Caffeinated and rejuvenated, we decided to go to the Met. I go there about once a season. Who can stay away? I always feel like I’m shopping when I’m there, don’t you? I love all of the smaller bust sculptures. Maybe I could get some great replicas for my apartment...We spent about two hours roaming around until my friend had to go to a casting. I wanted to go back to Barneys. What can I say? I was starving! It was 3:30 p.m., and I hadn’t eaten anything except for a few coffees so I called my friend and asked him to meet me for lunch. I had the palm beach salad, which I’ve now had three times in a week. I need the vegetables to break up my sushi and cookie diet. My friend had the ravioli.
MET: $20 entrance fee
LUNCH, FRED’S: $78.58
TAXI: $5.80

When I got home, I watched my favorite guilty pleasure Real Housewives of Atlanta waiting as I waited patiently for Madonna to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show. What did you do during Super Bowl weekend?

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