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2012 January 30

What I Bought! With Marie Claire's Kyle Anderson

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(NEW YORK) Massages! MoMA! Monkey Bar! While you were huddled inside your cozy apartments this weekend nursing your Friday night hangover, Marie Claire's accessories director was making it rain. Last weekend's sum hovered at $1,389.90, leaving our favorite Monday morning columnist at $42,193.30 since mid-November.

After work I met a friend in front of my building, and we walked to Monkey Bar for drinks. It was really cold! I can't remember if I'd ever been there before, but it was pretty good. We ordered one Old Fashioned, one Morning Glory Fizz, and French fries. I was starving. Thankfully, we had reservations nearby, so we walked to the Modern at the MoMA. I always like going here, especially in the wintertime. It’s fun to sit by the window and look outside at the snowy sculpture garden. We both decided to have the chef's tasting menu. The best part? The tons of desserts they give you. Whatever you order, they always bring out, like, four extra desserts, which are all little works of art. 

Afterwards, we went to Red Egg. I didn't pay for the taxi or the drinks there. (Freebie!) After about 20 minutes, I was really tired, and I just wasn't in the mood. It was a long week and I was still feeling the jet-lag from being in Switzerland at the Geneva watch show this week, so I took a taxi home.
TAXI: $7.40

I woke up and went to the gym in my building. We have an Equinox downstairs, and also a coffee area in our building that makes Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts coffee. I jogged and had two coffees before meeting my friend for lunch. She had been in Milan for the past week for Men’s Fashion Week because she does PR for one of the men’s brands. We met at Fred's at Barneys for lunch. I had two iced coffees, sparkling water, and grilled seafood salad with tea.
FRED'S: $35 

After our light lunch, we went to the spa at Trump Soho, and didn't pay a dime! We chose to do the Rubies massage and Sapphires massage because we always make jokes about diamonds on Twitter. It was the best service I've seen in NYC. It’s a really great environment and super clean. I had a massage when Bryan Boy and I went to Morocco last summer, and it was a weird experience. I think when he comes to town next month I'm going to make him come with me and get one there to compare to our...rustic massages in Morocco.

Post-massage, I went home to catch up on Jersey Shore, plus Real Housewives of a bunch of different cities. My Swedish model friend is living with us until castings for New York Fashion Week, which is fine. We have a brand new queen sofa sleeper, so the living room is now this sort-of studio apartment. I'm never home, anyway. We decided to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo near my apartment. We wanted to see if it was good as the original Swedish movie. If you haven't seen the film, I recommend seeing the original because the new one doesn't compare. Next up? Mexican food, paid for by my lovely boyfriend. 

I traveled back to Barneys with my model friend, who's staying on the couch, because I had seen some things when I was there the day before. I never like to buy anything the first time I see it. I bought a new Givenchy t-shirt. I guess I can try to wear it now? I'm sick of all of my clothes. I want all of those clothes that just went down the runway now in Europe for Men's Fashion Week. I basically am obsessed with Givenchy—much like my Balmain craze of 2010. I also picked up five wine glasses that were on sale, and a candle from Cire Trudon. Little known fact: I collect candles, although I don't light them often. I just like the smell of them unlit. 
CANDLE: $80 

I walked to Bergdorfs from there and looked at the jewelry at the women's store to see if there was anything new for future stories at Marie Claire. They have a really great fine jewelry section. Then, I went upstairs to the home floor, and across the street to the mens. I didn't find anything this time, though. So I walked home and popped into Starbucks for my new favorite: a grande iced chai latte with a shot of espresso. It's called a dirty chai latte. Thank you to my friend, who's the PR manager at Zegna, for turning me on to that! I think she likes it because it has the word dirty in it. I love the extra caffeine. My boyfriend and I spent the rest of the weekend relaxing at home, watching Kourtney & Kim Take New York and making homemade pizza.

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