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2012 April 16

What I Bought! With Marie Claire's Kyle Anderson

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(NEW YORK) He's at it again, folks! Kyle Anderson gives us the 411 on his Saturday-Sunday spending, from a stop-in at Bergdorf's to (another!) din in Koreatown. Marie Claire's accessories director racked up $822.50 this weekend, which brings his five-month weekend tally to $52,130.82. Cha-ching! 

On Saturday, I slept in and walked to Barneys to meet my friend for lunch. On the way, I made a detour to Starbucks and Around the World, where I bought Harper’s Bazaar UK. One of my favorites! No new L’Officiel or Vogue Paris yet for this month. I listened to my music on my way to Barneys, where I had a salad and three iced coffees with my friend at Barneys. (I didn’t pay.) Afterwards, she left and I went downstairs to a jewelry trunk show with fine jewelry designer Deborah Pagani, who was showing her new collection there. I'm a big fan! I love her rings and earrings. As we were talking, I noticed she was wearing these amazing Sergio Rossi studded boots and an Alaïa corset. I think we have a pretty similar aesthetic. After our chat, I went upstairs to look at the clothes. There is this Givenchy t-shirt I wanted, but they only had a size small left, so I went to Bergdorf Goodman—they had the same one in medium and large sizes, so I bought it. And guess who I saw? My friend Wilfredo Rosado, who was doing a trunk show there. We chatted about how much I love diamonds; I'm currently on the hunt for a black watch with diamonds. I still love the Chanel one, even 15 years after it came out, but I’m not exactly sure which one I'll buy. My birthday is in July, so I'll have to figure it out by then! But right now there are more pressing issues at hand, like a one-on-one with Dr. Perricone up the street on Madison. What can I say? I've had bad skin lately. Maybe it's the changing weather. I had a deep-cleaning facial, which I do once a season.

After my beauty appointment, I walked to meet my boyfriend for dinner. We went to Koreatown and had Korean BBQ at Kum Gang San on 32nd Street. It’s delicious! I ate way too much. Then we went home so I could watch the Swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on iTunes; my boyfriend went to bed. If anyone hasn’t seen the Swedish version with subtitles, it's VERY, VERY good. 

I slept in (again!) and had two iced coffees at Starbucks. I decided to do a big cleaning day at my apartment. It’s actually extremely clean, but I opened the windows and did about seven loads of laundry. I stored some of my winter clothes and tried to put together all of my warm weather outfits, since today is supposed to be 86 degrees. I also packed up a big bag of my old clothes to give to my friends. For lunch, I ate a Greek salad that I had delivered from Uncle Nick's. Afterwards, I watched the movie Gia, which I recorded earlier in the week on Lifetime, and read some magazines. Then I went to the gym and ran four miles before sitting down for dinner with my boyfriend. He ordered Thai food, but it wasn’t my favorite. Next up: more TV time! I watched Mad Men, which I’m not really into this season. I’m missing their fifties lifestyles and fashions. To end the night, I turned on The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special. Kim had on a great wig, as always! What better way to wrap up the weekend than with a bowl of ice cream with a chocolate chip lava cake from Trader Joe’s? The perfect bedtime snack!

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