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2013 March 14

BREAKING! Vogue's New Managing Editor: NY Mag's Jon Gluck

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Jon Gluck and Adam Moss Jon Gluck and Adam Moss
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(NEW YORK) Well, we know at least one item on Anna Wintour's to-discuss list with her all-staff Vogue meeting tomorrow: The mag has poached Jon Gluck, former New York deputy editor, to be the fashion bible's new managing editor. This afternoon, a Vogue rep confirmed to The Daily that Gluck, who had been at New York for a decade, was hired to replace recently-departed Laurie Jones. Jones' claim to fame? She hired a young Wintour as a senior editor while Jones was managing editor at New York. Shortly after Wintour started running the show at Vogue in 1988, she returned the favor by hiring Jones. After 20 years at Vogue,  Jones retired on February 28th. Gluck will start his new role on April 8th. Yet another reminder that change is in the air at Vogue, besides Wintour's big Conde promotion...



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