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2011 October 31

Vince Camuto Talks Signature Shoes...and His "Sexy Room"

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Vince Camuto Vince Camuto
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(NEW YORK) Today, the Vince Camuto showroom is buzzing—not with spooky soiree recaps or creepy costume candids but with the launch of its tantalizing higher-end shoe line called VC Signature. Holiday 2011 marks its first collection out of the gate, featuring a plethora of retro-y color-blocked sandals, patent leather heels, and chunky wedges. Naturally, your Daily rang the footwear aficionado to discuss shoes, Saabs, and Sweden. MARIA DENARDO

How is VC Signature different from your current Vince Camuto offerings?
The regular Vince Camuto shoes are more generic in the sense that they are sexier—higher heels, more platforms. Signature is more feminine, delicate and not so trend-driven. There are a lot of low heels. We use real snakeskin and Italian leathers. It’s the return of mod.

What's the price range?
It's $295 to $495, and we're launching at Nordstrom. 

How has the shoe industry changed since you began in the '60s?
If you bought a shoe that was less than $100 back then, it was just called modern. If you wanted fashion, you would have to pay a lot more, even up through the '80s. 

As the head of a shoe brand, where do you stand on the Louboutin versus YSL court case?
You know that preacher on television, Joel Osteen? He was on TV the other day, and someone asked him what he thought about a delicate question. He said, 'Frankly, I don't know enough about it.' I feel the same. I have too many things to worry about. But, I do think it will be hard to patent red soles.

Has anyone tried to copy your designs?
I'm sure, but you can't put the heel on the toe, you know? If you look at shoes, you have only so many options. You can't nail anyone down in the end.

If you could take a walk in anyone’s shoes, past or present, who would you choose?
Steve Jobs because he was brilliant, and he seemed like a really terrific guy.

You own the master license to Jessica Simpson footwear. What’s your favorite JS song?
You know something, I don’t really follow it. There was one last year that she sang that was pretty good. It was a Christmas song.

The Ruffians recently interviewed your wife, Louise Camuto, for Chic Report. It's your turn! Do you have a beauty regime?
I haven’t had a facial in 10 years! My wife and I have been traveling for photo shoots lately, and she couldn’t believe it when I told her so she made me an appointment. I went and I absolutely loved it.

Do you have any hobbies besides design?
I love architecture. I study 16th century architecture from the Renaissance through the 1500s. I'm self-taught.

What’s your favorite hotel in Sweden?
My wife would have to tell you. I’m just happy to be on the trip.

What’s your favorite Swedish meal?
Not the meatballs! I try to be vegetarian, although I eat fish. I like gravlax—it’s good with a dark rye bread.

What kinds of things do you like to do on your weekly dates with Louise?
We live in Connecticut, in an eclectic house we put together. It’s kind of like a French chateau so we like to sit in front of the fireplace in our sexy room.

What’s your sexy room?
It’s a room that has 50-foot high ceilings with constellations. I love it! We don’t spend enough time there.

Do you prefer Saabs or Volvos?
I know I like one of them...the convertible one. Which one is that?

Ann Margaret or Greta Garbo?
Do I have to pick? What did my wife say?

What's your best Halloween costume to date? 
Romeo, and my wife was Marie Antoinette. 

What are you going to dress up as tonight?
My little boy wants me to be one of the Harry Potter characters. I do anything to please.

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