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2012 November 8

Angel Appeal! The VS Mods, At It Again

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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012
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(NEW YORK) Another year, another Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: perhaps the pinkest, sparkliest, campily gleeful eve around. Or day, rather, since the preparations at the Lexington Avenue Armory on the fringes of Gramercy began in the morning, and trust your Daily, it was all pretty hair-raising (of the roller-ed and teased variety). 

As already-chiseled cheekbones got further sculpted with layers of shimmery stuff, pedicures got shellacked on, miraculously, amid a seemingly endless crush of press and photogs weaving through three long rows of primping stations, The Daily quizzed Alessandra Ambrosio on her favorite part of the process. Or, a former favorite. "I'd love to get a massage," Ambrosio said. "They used to have them, but not this year! I do love getting my body ready: putting all the [bronzing] color and moisturizers on is like getting a little massage, I guess!" Fingers crossed the rubdown makes a return to the VS backstage experience next year, dear. And contrary to what one might assume given the deluge of glitter on hand (and gams and faces and, well, everywhere...), "it's not that bad" when it comes time to de-sparkle apres the show, reports Ambrosio. Estimated glitter removal time clocks in at "one day," give or take. Learning something new every day, non? "It's not as hard as after Halloween."  

Erin Heatherton's postshow clean-up is slightly more involved: "you just need a really, really hot towel, and scrub yourself down." As for the trifecta of performances that punctuated the winged-out struttingBruno Mars, and Rihanna, Justin BieberHeatherton listened to the latter two the morning of the show, "scout's honor!" Bieber also has a following among runway-reared tots, apparently: "My daughter loves him! She knows the words to that one that goes 'baby, baby, baby...'" Ambrosio said, trailing off into song. But "she's way too young for me to even think about that!" 

But the Biebs doesn't just appeal to tots, clearly: "I'm a total Bieber fan. I was watching him in rehearsal and he's such a good dancer," professed Karlie Kloss."I didn't realize he was that good!" Other Angels' music guest preferences strayed away from the teen superstar: "I'm a bigger Rihanna fan!" Candice Swanepoel told The Daily. "She's my soulmate; she just doesn't know it yet." Also on a Rihanna kick lately? Adriana Lima. 

"I see my face everywhere!" exclaimed
Doutzen Kroes as The Daily pointed out the model's pretty visage plastered on VIP and press passes throughout the room. Sounds like the Fantasy Bra wearer isn't the only special opp this side of the VS show (or "really strange," but also an honor, according to Kroes). 

Between the many (...many, many) steps to getting dolled up VS-style, the mods had a lengthy lunch smorgasbord to nibble on. For Miranda Kerr, a self-described "quite fussy" eater, located a cranberry sage stuffing-filled chicken to her liking. 

With the holidays fast approaching, gifts and shopping cropped up in conversation—and if you'd like to spot a VS mod on Black Friday, well, don't bank on it. Lily Aldridge's non-retail plans for consumerism's holiest day don't involve a dime: "I'll probably take a bath, chill, and stay away from malls!" Tech goodies top Hilary Rhoda's wishlist du moment, ideally with the Apple stamp of that lowercase 'i': "I always like getting electronics!" shared Rhoda, who won't complain should a shiny new iPad or iPhone cross her path next month.

As a stark (living, breathing) contrast to Rhoda's gadgetry-focused gift ambitions, Constance Jablonski wants a dog. "But I know I won't get a dog, because I travel too much and I'll need a bigger apartment. I just love big dogs, like Dalmatians and Rottweilers." That future pup's name remains TBD, per the dog-naming traditions of Jablonski's native France: "All dogs' names start with a specific letter each year, and that's how you remember how old the dog is!" 

Fresh off that cover, Cara Delevingne's pre-show sentiment was "terrified," sweaty palms and all, (it was her first go at the VS-bedecked rodeo!). Compared to other runway experiences? "It's completely mental; it's unlike any other show." 

How so? Well, those buzzy performers aside, there were no less than six theme change-ups throughout the show (of which there were two, at 4 and 8 p.m.), with themes ranging from the opening "Circus" situation to a kitschy-fun walk through a year's worth of holidays and month-by-month standouts in "Calendar Girls," to a flora-festooned finale segment entitled "Angels In Bloom." Phew! Sitting front row at the late show were Alexander Wang, Vanessa Hudgens, Debbie Harry, Michael Strahan, Kid Cudi, Derek Blasberg, Alexa Chung, Matt Czuchry, Tyson Beckford, and Poppy Delevigne. And then, it was off to Lavo for the afterparty, where a sizable segment of this year's Angels mustered yet another outfit change for the occasion. All in a day's work! 


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