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2013 October 7

Versace Takes To The Streets With M.I.A.

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M.I.A. M.I.A.
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(NEW YORK) After M.I.A. cryptically hinted at a collab with Versace during Paris Fashion Week, the singer's intriguing conceit with the label has been revealed. M.I.A. and Versace's Versus label have come together to create a 19-piece capsule collection. According to the brand, versions of the famous Versace emblems from their logo to the interlocking Greek key are blown up and clashed together turned into kaleidoscopic prints inspired by the bootleg merchandise M.I.A. found in London markets as a teen.

"I love the energy of the street, so when M.I.A. suggested we use bootlegs of Versace, I thought it was such an incredible idea," Donatella Versace explains. "The collection is everything that I love about the new Versus Versace - it's fast, loud, unafraid, and brings together the worlds of music and fashion. I can't wait to see people wearing the collection." The collection will include pieces for men and women, with the selection ranging from T shirts to military outerwear. Expect the goods to hit stores and simultaneously debut online on October 16th.

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