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2012 April 26

Vermont-Bred Miracles

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Tata Harper Skincare Rebuilding Moisturizer Tata Harper Skincare Rebuilding Moisturizer
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WHAT: Tata Harper Skincare's Rebuilding Moisturizer 

WHY: There are the potions worth slathering on for the results; others are deemed worthy of bathroom cabinet real estate for the purely experiential elements (scent! texture! imaginary pizzazz!), even if there's reason to be a little dubious of the effectiveness factor. Then, there is Tata Harper's Skincare line: the cruelty-free, completely organic products are made from fresh ingredients on Harper's Vermont farm, and sport simple and spiffy pea green and marigold labels befitting of the goodies inside. Though just a pump per use is suggested, you're bound to want to squirt this totally supple, non-greasy rebuilding skin-quencher (complete with raw honey!) all over the place, thanks to the deliciously herbaceous scent that's a melange of rose, linden blossom, bergamot, and geranium. Tata is likely to cause a "ta-da!" moment of the visage variety in no time... 


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