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2010 April 15

Twitter Report

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Prabal Gurung Prabal Gurung
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(TWITTER) What is everyone doing every second of the day? Twitter tells us---and then we tell you! Behold, a heaping helping of tweets…

stefanogabbana: My new Gold vespa...

mrjoezee: Lance, you have such good taste!! :) RT @LanceBass

bryanboy: btw, i bought sally hansen airbursh legs yesterday at duane reade. that sh*t is AMAZING!!!!! i cant belive i've only discovered it recently

ladygaga: I need to harness my wine etiquette this tablecloth looks like valley forge.

DitaVonTeese: "There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in proportion" -Sir Francis Bacon (thoughts to consider pre-nose job :) )

andyroddick: not sure if there is a piece of furniture in my room thats not spray painted gold......... still looking...

stephencolbert: is it just me or do you wish animal crackers had a man shape?

MarthaStewart: curtis granderson just asked me to fix the velcro on his batting gloves and then he hit a very very long fly ball to the end of center field

derekblasberg: I'm at a morning show and my segment is following a bit on an Iceland volcano erupting and canceling flights. How can I compete with that?

peaches_g: Having fun on my driving lesson today...Went to the freeway for the first time! 3 point turns are stil a nightmare though :-(

RoryTahari: My mom is giving me advice on how to be polite to the stewardesses on the plane.

AggyDeyn: WTF!!!! Blurry vision from working out !!!!! Today is gonna be interesting!!!! Help!

prabalgurung: HullloOooooooooo Dallas.


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