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2011 June 21

Trade Shows Team Up

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ENK Coterie in NYC's Javits Center, September 2010 ENK Coterie in NYC's Javits Center, September 2010
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(NEW YORK) Trade shows in tandem! Today, ENK International and White, the Milan trade show producer, announced that they are joining forces. The collaboration debuts at ENK's February 2012 Coterie exhibition in NYC, where over 50 White brands running the women's accessories and apparel gamut will participate stateside, many for the first time ever, at White@Coterie. Conversely, a number of Coterie designers will show their wares in Milan next year as part of Coterie@White. The collaboration aims to expand the audience of the selected brands--a process which ENK has already begun with the launch of ENKCHINA this past March. “This is a game-changer in terms of accessibility and responsiveness to retail buyers’ needs...Procuring exclusive agreements with other trade shows is forging the way," ENK chairman and founder Elyse N. Kroll said in a release.

After White's highlighted womenswear designers gain exposure at Coterie come February, a smattering of menswear lines will take a turn at gaining heightened exposure with the launch of White Men at ENKNY. Next March, White will take part in ENKCHINA as well.  White, founded in 2000, is known for its eco-compatible display elements, and pulls in around 12,000 international buyers perusing its 350 exhibitors. "ENK is the ideal partner for us because we share the same vision in fashion and business,” Maximiliano Bizzi, owner and founder of White, said in a release. ENK has been around for 30 years, and currently operates 21 events annually involving more than 10,000 exhibiting companies and over 200,000 buyers. Since February 2010, ENK has partnered with Daily Front Row Inc. to produce Daily Coterie + Sole. The majority of ENK's trade shows are in NYC, with a handful in Las Vegas and Milan, plus one in Beijing.

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