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2011 December 16

TIME Brings Back Style & Design Offshoot

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Time Style & Design's final issue, September 2009 Time Style & Design's final issue, September 2009
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(NEW YORK) Come March, TIME is bringing back its fashion-centric Style & Design offshoot glossy—but with a weaker shot of fashion and a doppio of, well, everything else. The resurrected iteration of the magazine will now bow in March and September; it initially debuted in 2001 as a bimonthly, polybagged with TIME to its 1.2 million subscribers, before scaling back to a quarterly frequency during its run from 2001 to 2009. Formerly edited by Harper's Bazaar EIC emeritus Kate Betts, take two of TIME Style & Design will veer away from fashion, instead emphasizing other aesthete-pleasing topics along the lines of art, architecture, and technology. Why the content shift, especially considering that the title competed in the chicette-eat-chicette ad realm of established fashion tomes, during its six-year run? "This represents the kinds of things I’m more interested in, the things I think the Time reader is more interested in," Richard Stengel, TIME's managing editor, told Adweek. Stengel and his fellow TIME editors will oversee version deux of the mag, and Betts, who stayed on board peripherally as a fashion correspondent at TIME after TIME Style & Design shuttered, will contribute fashion content to the glossy comeback but won't be involved in a larger capacity. TIME Style & Design's reboot will include its own channel on; time will tell if the circulation base will strive for the 55-45 split between European and American readers that the mag achieved its first time around.

UPDATE, 2/2/2012: Kate Betts will not be involved with TIME Style & Design in any capacity.

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