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2011 October 18

Things We're Glad To Know About Vladimir

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Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld
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(NEW YORK) With the recently-wrapped Frieze Art Fair on the mind, today’s Observer profile gives a glimpse into the fridge and the mind of Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, so chicly pedigreed in the art and fashion worlds, it hurts. Your Daily took notes on five fun factoids about this brooding cad of the art world. And no, his famous shutterbug godfather (that would be Mario Testino) doesn’t count. Though that’s a fun family tie, indeed... ALEXANDRA ILYASHOV 

1. His fridge contains condiments and Champagne: ketchup and Veuve, to be exact. And nothing else. Sort of precisely what we’d expect….


2. He gave the film industry a go, but it wasn’t his thing: “I was miserable,” says Mr. Restoin Roitfeld of his time as a P.A. for a top dog producer at Paramount. “I had always grown up around creative people but this was too political and it was all about the money.” Apparently the fashion and/or art worlds are not overly political or money-driven for this Roitfeld, though.

3. His famous folks instilled the kind of brooding drive that causes one to end up with champagne and ketchup in the kitchen. “They are obsessive about their work too,” Roitfeld said. 

4. Young Vlad was a Parisian among Palm trees during his beloved stints at sleepaway camp in suburban California. “People get excited when the French person arrives in camp,” Roitfeld recounted from his idyllic summers. 

5. If you can’t be in the arty fray, well, join them! “I knew I didn’t have the talent [to become a fashion designer or an artist]…but I wanted to work with creative people.” A little like Carine, 

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