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2011 February 26

Things to Discuss: What Did T Do to Salma Hayek?

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Salma Hayek photographed by Cass Bird Salma Hayek photographed by Cass Bird
Cass Bird/T Magazine
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(MILAN) What a nice surprise to score a copy of today's T (Sally Singer's second issue) outside Emporio Armani. On the cover? A Cass Bird photograph of the flawless Salma Hayek smoking a match, accompanied by a coverline proclaiming her "The Hollywood Firebrand With the World's Best Closet." Sans doute! So imagine our disappointment to see photographs...of the star (and wife of François-Henri Pinault) in a could-be-anywhere kitchen, among other lackluster backgrounds. Where are the clothes? Where is the divine home? Where is that tantalizing closet? Quel tease, Sally! Speaking of: thoughts on the new T? We welcome your comments...

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