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2010 May 10

The Twitter Report!

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Prabal Gurung Prabal Gurung
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(TWITTER) HilaryHRhoda: En route to Six Flags with @ByrdieBell. Outfit pics coming soon.

ByrdieBell: The Glass Menagerie is an interesting choice for a Mother's Day play...

cmbenz: Peonies are the slutty sorority sister of flowers.

Prabalgurung: I am a sucker for romantic comedies.... I live for happily ever after!!!

KennethCole: At the "Event to prevent" teen pregnancy by @CandiesOrg . As the program begins there is pregnant pause, intended or otherwise? –KC

StephenAtHome (Colbert): can't figure out how to rewind my dvds before I send them back to netflix. help!

SuzeOrmanShow: She's been selling her blood to go on a $6k trip with her mother? Are you kidding me!? Approve or Deny? Tonight 9p/12aET CNBC

Jess_Stam: Teaching @JSeligman the art of 'bobbing and weaving' down the west side hwy.

AggyDeyn: Where did I put my Bill and Teds telephone booth time machine?

DitaVonTeese: I just hooked up a stereo system. I wanted to see where it ranks on the scale of female empowerment. I give it about a 6.

Bryanboy: thinking of buying a treadmill.

Toryburch: Sitting at lunch w/ Vera Wang, @vieluxe +Gigi 4 Mario's birthday. Vera making us laugh- "I like a girl who drinks."-we all do!

iamMarkRonson: watching "this is it" and already crying at the :37 sec mark...damn that australian dancer and his inspirational tale

sn00ki: Check out my special hair poof I did just for @pantene!

katyperry: OMG! CAT PAINT ME! Is there a glowing kitten option? RT@taylorswift13: New app: Catpaint. It'll change your life.

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