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2012 December 13

Twitter Report!

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Bring Back Jared Leto! Bring Back Jared Leto!
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(NEW YORK) After Kanye West's 12/12/12 performance yesterday, which spawned a thousand tweets, it was due time for a Twitter Report! Between holiday rants and Kanye bashing, the Twittersphere has been abuzz with hysterics this week... (Don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @DailyFrontRow)

Jared Leto ‏(@JaredLeto): "Ok I admit it. I let kanye borrow my skirt."

Michael Carl ‏(@carlscrush): "UGGS are the french manicures of footwear."

Joanna Coles ‏(@JoannaColes): "Aaggh, my asst Sergio turned into a total @HBOGirls obsessive. An initial resister, he just saw entire run & now won't stop quoting it. HELP"

Derek Blasberg ‏(@DerekBlasberg): "I am so happy that Ben Affleck is culturally relevant again!"

Alexa Chung ‏(@alexa_chung): "COFFEE PHONE SPILL ACCIDENT! Now all my tweets will be hyper with teacher breath."

Oscar PR Girl ‏(@OscarPRGirl): "camping? sounds like a punishment."

Steven Kolb ‏(@stevenkolb): "More news coverage on the fireman who dates trannies, PLEASE."

Nathalie Atkinson ‏(@NathAt): "Man wears skirt? Wake me up when Kanye West wears Louboutin stilettos - right, @JesseKG? "

Elshane ‏(@elshane): "I'm proudly the only #blogger who doesn't list a particularly random food followed by the word "enthusiast" in her social media profile"

Eric Wilson ‏(@EricWilsonNYT): "Kate Middleton's pregnant... so nine months of guessing who's designing the christening gown."

Mickey Boardman ‏(@AskMrMickey): "I did almost all my Christmas shopping on line this year. For ONCE in my gay life I'm on trend!"

Rachel Dodes Wortman (‏@racheldodes): "I wish I had a black leather skirt to wear over my black leather leggings paired with white sneakers and a hoodie," said nobody ever."

Ford Models ‏(@FordModels): "There's an 140-character limit on gift requests. RT @IsaacCarew: So do kids tweet Santa these days?"

Bag Snob® ‏(@BagSnob): "If there were ever a rice war, Koreans would win. They make the best rice."

Phillip Picardi ‏(@pfpicardi): "Doing this really cute thing where when I talk, mucus gargles in the back of my throat. Happy winter !!!"

Daniella Sauro ‏(@DaniDoesDigital): "Taylor Swift is quickly cementing her place as One Direction's Yoko Ono."

Hannah Elliott ‏(@HannahElliott): "Heels and ball gowns are not made for urgency."

Antonia Kraskowski ‏(@adulescent): "Seriously, if I watch one more 'how to cook a Christmas dinner' show, I WILL TURN INTO A TURKEY. How many ways can you parboil a spud? Lots."

Cara Delevingne (@Caradelevingne) "Thank sex I didn't miss my flight! Just biked from Clapton to heathrow. Goodbye london and hello NYC! Only problem is I have no clothes!"

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