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2012 October 31

The Twitter Report: #Sandy Aftermath

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Joanna Coles Joanna Coles
Patrick McMullan
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(NEW YORK) How's the sartorial set recovering post-Sandy? A frazzled (and cab-less) Hamish Bowles waiting for the free uptown bus in the West Village just about sums it up. P.S. In non-Sandy news, a certain Hearstie has a new duo of donkeys, NBD...

Joanna Coles (‏@JoannaColes): Our local CVS sold out of batteries, water and yes, condoms! @Cosmopolitan #Sandy

Lucky ‏(@LuckyMagazine): Hold on, just avoiding problems by shopping. Please hold.

Meredith Melling Burke ‏(@MMBVogue): Housebound with heaps of Halloween candy = mandatory post-Sandy Blueprint cleanse. #poorplanning

Derek Blasberg (@DerekBlasberg): They keep saying "Jersey Shore" on the news and I get excited. But they're showing #Sandy's wreckage. Not Snooki's wreckage. #Disappointed

Alexa Chung ‏(@alexa_chung): I'm getting a different kind of blackout drunk tonight. #sandy

Coco Rocha ‏(@cocorocha): Hands up if @instagram and @twitter are your only source of news and weather updates during #Sandy! #blackout2012 #Frankenstorm

Kyle Anderson (‏@KyleEditor) #sandy I like, invented her.

Adam Rapoport ‏(@rapo4): Thanks to my wife, we currently have more scented candles burning than a Dyptique shop. #Sandy

Oscar PR Girl ‏(@OscarPRGirl): Just polishing some silver by candlelight. It’s like Downton Abbey in here.

Steven Kolb (‏@stevenkolb): Why is everyone buying so much toilet paper?

Candice Swanepoel ‏(@angelcandice): Sandy. You're boring me, just get on with it...

DKNY PR Girl ‏(@dkny): My work email is down. I'm devastated. (*S)

Nina Garcia ‏(@ninagarcia): #10ThingsYouCantLiveWithout my family, my phone, a pen, a notebook, lipstick, stilettos, coffee, my iPad, @marieclaire & @GameOfThrones.

Eric Wilson ‏(@EricWilsonNYT): @rhrnyc Hi!!! The worst part of losing cable was that we were just in the middle of Magic Mike. Dying to know what happens!!!

Ford Models ‏(@FordModels): #Sandy has rained on the Halloween parade. What would Barbra Streisand do? #FunnyGirl

Sean Avery (‏@imseanavery): Dinner for 1.......#Sandy @ Grand St

Meenal Mistry ‏(@MeenalMistry): So...should I fill my bathtub with potentially crucial water or sleep in it tonight? #Sandy

Mickey Boardman ‏(@AskMrMickey): Good Gay God! The lights just went out but luckily it was just a blown fuse NOT a blackout. Whew! #DodgedABullet

Amanda Hearst ‏(@AmandaHearst): On a happier note than #sandy we have 2 new mini donkeys :) Simon and cowboy :)

Erin Heatherton (@ErinHeatherton): In a hotel room with @LilyAldridge watching the storm blow in, listening to her and Caleb cradle Dixie and sing her old country songs. #tear

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