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2010 February 5

The Twitter Report

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Tory Burch Tory Burch
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(TWITTER) toryburch: My boys are screaming that "Megan Fox is Hot" ???????? Too early in the morning for that.

DitaVonTeese: It just occured to me that I could wear 90% of my clothes when I'm 70 & still be age-appropriately dressed!


ByrdieBell: Can we get a Disney World up in this b*tch

AggyDeyn: Just saw a group of 20 3yr olds crossing the street in a line of 2's all holding a rope making quaking sounds!

Jess_Stam: On my way to the Intrepid with my brother Justin and our gray haired taxi driver. He regrets not buying a submarine years ago in Key West.

Oh_So_Coco: Back at work and then back to the gym to be tortured.

stefanogabbana: We just talked about D&G fashion show!!! In the afternoon we will work on dolce & gabbana woman show.... Love it

Amanda_Lepore: My skin is dewy and my curls are perfect!

prabalgurung: I M OBSESSED HAVE U GUYS HEARD OF THE SHURES? r they cute n so amazing, cool n got the pipes to belt it out.

TimoWeiland: loved the warehouse scene in Jersey yesterday, now back to the grind in the garment district....industrial environs are my jam.

EAmurri: Another day, another stunt. This one involves being tackled and stabbed with a syringe. Obviously this is a romantic comedy

peaches_g: Loving the story about the girl who got asked for an I.d. card when she tried to buy a bit of quiche at Tescos. Oh London, you are amazing.

HilaryHRhoda: How do you make a bland egg white omelette taste better?? HOT SAUCE baby!

bryanboy: if i got a dollar every time people complimented my FAUX FUR coat, I'd be rollin in Fendi sable right now

JasonBinn: If you want to be successful do not allow what you are not able to do come between with what you are able to do.


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