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2013 May 24

The Shape of Things to Come, With Haute Label dMondaine

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A look from dMondaine A look from dMondaine
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(NEW YORK) Things are in great shape over at dMondaine! The slimming lingerie brand, created by designer Kiana Anvaripour, is designed to enhance women’s curves rather than hide them, while smoothing out all those pesky lumps and bumps. The Summer 2013 collection introduces hot new colors and styles designed to be worn as sexy statement pieces on their own, as well as hidden beneath clothes. Anvaripour’s philosophy for dMondaine? Concealing those areas you’re less fond of, while accentuating the ones you j’adore, all the while staying fashionably chic. We like the way this girl thinks…and so do chic retailers like Barneys, Net-a-Porter, and more. Read on for the full stripdown! 

How did dMondaine come about?
I was designing evening wear, ready-to-wear and intimates for a little more than 10 years. Then I started my own dress line about two and a half years ago, which is how dMondaine began. But when I started the dress line, I wanted something to go underneath it. That’s when I developed the first slip in my collection: The Marilyn. 

What was the feedback like?
The dresses were very well received, but I was told by mentors and people in the industry to really focus on shapewear because my approach was very different. That’s how this line was born: because I’m a designer, this line has a lot of couture techniques. It’s beautifully made in Los Angeles, and there’s a lot of attention to detail, which is all about giving you shape. A lot of times, shapewear flattens you.

How do your pieces show off one’s shape?
 gives you an hourglass figure, while hiding and smoothing at the same time. You want to have a little bit of butt! Our bestselling bra does smooth the lumps and bumps on your back; women call it a boob job in a bra. Our panties flatten you but we also make sure there’s not visible panty liner; there’s two layers of mesh. Everything is about making it look good underneath and also to show off. We conceal that pesky muffin top with our body suits, but it looks like a sexy body suit that you can just wear out!

A translation of the name dMondaine, s’il vous plait!
dMondaine comes from the French word demimonde, which means “to live in the half world,” which I feel like a lot of women do. You’re either a mother or a wife, or a vixen, or you’re working. But you want it all! I  wanted to come out with pieces that were sexy and sophisticated because you can be both.

Are the bright Summer ’13 pieces meant to be flaunted?
Yes, absolutely! There’s always going to be the core collection. But we found, especially with our online retailers such as Net-a-Porter and Shopbop, people were very much drawn to the bra, so we decided to offer a little more color and pizazz. It’s keeping on trend, and it’s got the touches of sophistication without going crazy. There were girls wearing it at Coachella with high-wasted jeans! You can layer it with blouses, or show it off with a tank that has the side openings. 

What do your customers most often want to conceal?
Their stomachs, more than anything! 

How about the most flaunt-able bits?
In terms of accentuating, it really depends on the person. dMondaine does give you fantastic cleavage—and also that waist and hourglass shape.

Walk us through some key pieces, please!
The core collection has something for everyone: a bride wanting to look fabulous under her dress, who doesn’t necessarily needs straps, should get The Stella to look smooth but not lose their shape. If somebody wants the full slip and they want a lot of contouring we suggest The Marilyn. For more compression, there’s The Victoria. It provides that shaping and support at any age. 

What up with the ResultWear technology found throughout your collection?
It’s patent pending; if you open up one of the garments, there are bands that actually give you shape. It contours you at different pressure points, using couture techniques. The fact that we don’t use wire, yet the design of the cups gives cleavage and lift is part of that. 

What’s your growth strategy for the brand?
My hopes are to continue to do the core collection and come out with new and innovative pieces to serve as fashion and function. Also, I want to use ResultWear technology as the brand’s DNA in other areas, such as actives and swim. 

You’re currently sold at Bergdorf’s, Neiman Marcus, Barneys, Net-a-Porter and Shopbop. Anywhere else?
I worked in London for six years so I have a strong tie to the U.K. and it was a wonderful training ground for me, and I just found out I got into Selfridges. I’m actually going there next month to launch the collection, which is very exciting! 

Halle Berry, Ginnifer Goodwin and Michelle Williams have worn your creations. Who else has been sporting ‘em?
Kelly Osborne, Nicole Scherzinger—she wore the bra top on her tour—and Salma Hayek wore a piece on a Lucky cover. Sofia Vergara is also a fan. 

Wait, celebs need shapewear?!
They’re people who are practically perfect but they don’t want to lose their fabulous shape! It’s a bombshell thing. 

Any dream collaborators?
Alaia. I think that he’s amazing. He continues to bring out sexy, classic pieces that are just timeless. If you’re wearing a $4,000 Alaia dress, you should pair a luxury shapewear piece underneath it… 

Absolutely. What’s on the dMondaine docket currently?
I’m getting ready to do some European travel: we’re launching in Harvey Nichols Turkey as well. Then we’re also coming out with the new pieces; it’s not a 50-piece collection that comes out every season, so we’re very carefully coming out with things that women want.

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