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2010 February 10

The Rouge Roulette

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Kate Bosworth, Vanessa Paradis Kate Bosworth, Vanessa Paradis
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(NEW YORK) There were countless Escalades outside the Mark Hotel last night. But it wasn’t a state dinner--instead, it was a meal to celebrate a lipstick (Chanel’s Rouge Coco, that is), and what a feast it was. For many painful months, the chic set has been counting the days until the opening of Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s new eatery at the hotel--after all, the shuttering of La Goulue left many UES-ers in the lurch--and the floodgates finally opened last night. “I’m about to live in this kitchen for the next few months,” smiled the famed chef. “But it’s always nice to make a debut with a pleasant, Chanel-stamped banquet.” “I’ve become spoiled by Chanel over the years,” agreed Irina Lazareanu. “You know you’re going to get some nice-looking fare in a very pretty room.”

The musically-inclined model got what she envisioned. Another Chanel spokeswoman with a record deal, Vanessa Paradis, was a host, and she didn’t disappoint. “I put on my beautiful red shade to battle all that snow,” she offered. “I love that you can totally transform yourself even on a dark, cold day.” She also had a famous escort for the night. “Patti Smith is my special date tonight,” Paradis added. “I mean, it doesn’t get any cooler than this. She’s a legend and a woman that I can talk to about everything.” “I’m just happy I have Vanessa to guide me through this fashion thing,” quipped Smith. “Otherwise, I’d be lost!”

Kate Bosworth had no such problems. “This is like high school in some ways,” she smiled. “You double kiss all the fabulous people in the room and learn all of their names eventually.” Some of the familiar faces that greeted the actress included Olivier Zahm, Daphne Guinness, Caroline Sieber, and her table-mate, Tom Sachs. And though Paradis and a small army of the Chanel ambassadors dominated the room, it was the masterful menu (pumpkin ravioli, grilled sea bass with fennel, and parmesan organic chicken with black truffle) that stole the show. “It’s really nice to get an inspiring, full French meal before Fashion week,” gushed Sigrid Agren. “It’s not so chic backstage!”

Alexandra Richards proudly wore her own vintage Chanel to the event and was the lone family representative at the event. “This is lovely, but this kind of weather kind of calls for a big sweater, hot chocolate, and a snowflake watching party,” she admitted. While Alexandra was without Theodora, Vanessa Traina joined sister Victoria for a meal and Hope Atherton brought along her London based sister, Lily.

Art giants like Aaron Young, Klaus Biesenbach, Diana Picasso, and Mattia Bonetti joined the fashion regulars like Chiara Clemente, Kate Young, Anne Slowey, Tabitha Simmons, Mary Frey and Mario Sorrenti, while Nina Garcia sat at about a dozen dinner tables and Edita Vilkeviciute felt right at home. “I played Coco in a mini movie once,” she recalled. “But I’m pretty sure she didn’t sit with Terry Richardson at her dinners!”

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