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2011 May 31

The Assistant Files, Vol. 13: Alainna Lexie Beddie, WSJ.'s Deborah Needleman

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WSJ.'s Alainna Lexie Beddie WSJ.'s Alainna Lexie Beddie
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What does Deborah eat for lunch?
Usually she gets bogged down with lunchtime appointments, and they’re often at the Lamb’s Club. But when Deborah’s in the office, she happily eats at her desk. When I ask if she’s hungry, her first response is always, “Yes. What are you in the mood for, Beddie? Let’s get whatever you want.” She’s agreeable like that. We eat anything from grilled cheese on rye from the diner, to chopped salads from Fresh & Co., to sandwiches from Pret a Manger, to tacos from Chipotle.  On the days when she brings in a super healthy lunch of veggies and hummus and nuts from home, she quietly sneaks them out of her bag and tries not to make me feel bad for hoovering a burger at my desk while she nibbles on carrots—which give her hiccups—at hers.

What are Deborah’s favorite restaurants?
Deborah loves grabbing a drink at Blaue Gans and dining at Locanda Verde in Tribeca, which are both in her ‘hood. For lunch, she tries to stay close to the office and frequents the Lamb’s Club. Recently, she was really excited about Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs, a new Tribeca joint she recently went to with girlfriend Rita Konig.

What’s Deborah’s favorite snack?
She’ll eat Chipotle chips in the afternoon—but only because our market editor Andrew Lutjens always has some sitting on his desk.

What’s Deborah’s guilty pleasure?
Santa Maria Novella soaps.

What are Deborah’s hobbies when she’s, well, off duty?
Reading Off Duty! And gardening in Garrison.

What do you eat for lunch? 
If I’m picking up lunch for Deborah, I’m usually eating the same thing. If I’m not, my favorite is to get lunch at ‘wichcraft in Bryant Park with my boyfriend or a friend. I always get drunk on vitamin D in the park, and sometimes Deborah swears I come back with a tan from my 40 minutes near the fountain.

What’s Deborah relationship with social media like?
Hundreds of bloggers are still writing about domino. I get Google Alerts for “Deborah Needleman,” and the hits are usually more domino-oriented than WSJ.-related.

Does Deborah tweet often?
She has a Twitter account, @debbieneedles, which I set up to automatically feed Facebook as her status. I love her tweets. Once, she tweeted that going nannyless for the summer meant that her kids had joined the ranks of the great unwashed. Another time, she quoted her daughter as saying that ugly tomatoes should be ashamed to call themselves tomatoes.

What are Deborah’s pet peeves?
Deborah has so much going on that it really throws her when she asks to see something and it’s not ready. Edited copy or a layout or artwork are all things that she needs to see right away. When it’s not there for her when she’s asking for it, she’s peeved.

Our readership is a very honest and a very dedicated one. The second we’re not a publication that WSJ. subscribers look forward to receiving, we’ll hit the drawing board to come up with what to keep, change, and improve. It’s up to them, really.

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