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2010 June 16

Tchau Sao Paulo!

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(NEW YORK) The Daily has landed safe and sound at JFK after a week in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and we hope you've been enjoying our take on all things chic in the hometown of Gisele. Forty shows, several presentations, and a handful of caipirinhas later, what have we learned? Behold!

First things first: A bikini is not just a swimsuit.
We were prepared for slews of tiny styles this week (it is Brazil, after all), but the variety was really quite impressive. They were itty-bitty at Rosa Cha, retro and sporty at Simone Nunes, glamorous and couture-quality at Adriana Degreas, and neoprene surf-inspired at Neon. Maybe we’ll re-think that black bandeau we’ve been wearing to death…

A celeb cameo goes a long way.
There were cynical moans when the news broke that Paris Hilton would take the runway for Triton---but they came almost entirely from the small American press contingent. When the heiress hit the catwalk, there were more cameras ready than when Gisele Bundchen appeared at Colcci for the first time since giving birth. Whether you blame legit fascination or just morbid curiosity, all press is good press, non? (We’re still talking about it, aren’t we?)

Brazilians are the best partiers.
No red carpet necessary. The Daily did not see a single step and repeat through the entirety of Sao Paulo Fashion Week, and although parties were plentiful, they were less celeb-centric and more about, well, the party. The hands-down hot spot of the week? Lions nightclub in the center of town, where Cia Maritima and Neon (among others) held their afterparties, and rather than polite cocktail conversations, air kisses, and party pics, these were about letting loose and dancing. New York could learn a thing or two!

Pay attention to Priscila Darolt.
Her eponymous line was one of the highlights of the week, and Animale, which Darolt co-designs with Marta Ciribelli, was also a strong point (and not just because Raquel Zimmermann was the exclusive). We could easily see this designer making the transition to London or New York, and we could just as easily see her suede paneled minidresses on any number of bright young things on the scene. Rihanna, are you paying attention?

White runway? Boring!
Atmosphere is something most New York designers don't spend too much time worrying about when it comes to runway shows; it's about the collection, and that's fair. But the designers of SPFW went all the way, creating the most elaborate sets we've ever seen (Chanel iceberg notwithstanding). Who could forget Samuel Cirnansck's runway strewn with oversized jack-o-lanterns, or swimwear designer Aqua de Coco's mini pools of water? Lino Villaventura's first model came out onto the black and white striped runway in blacklight, creating an eerie, Twilight Zone-esque feel, and FH by Fause Haten designer Fause Haten took the stage at his own show, performing The Rolling Stones' Sympathy for the Devil and Beegees' Stayin' Alive. Sure, the runway shows are about the clothes, but a killer presentation can make people remember you---and that can make all the difference.

Chic is not the be all and end all.
It took a while for us to realize it---forty shows, in fact---but when Andre Lima sent his joyous collection down the runway to close out Sao Paulo Fashion Week, the crowds left with smiles on their faces. No, it wasn't serious fashion like Celine or Givenchy, but those sequined minidresses and voluminous gowns had spirit and a sense of fun that's missing for altogether too many runway shows. Ditto for Neon, which presented its bright neoprene creations around a huge pool in a stadium. After all, fashion is supposed to be fun, n’est-ce pas?


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