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2010 February 12

Suze Orman Sets Fashion Straight!

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Suzie Orman Suzie Orman
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We know, darlings—it’s a mess out there, which is why we’ve taken a sampling of your common money woes straight to the master herself: personal finance oracle Suze Orman. She’s rescued countless hardworking Americans from the jaws of financial ruin. Heed her words and ye shall be saved! BY EMILY POPP

Dear Suze, 

I’m 27 and an associate editor at a supermajor fashion mag. I earn $41,000 a year before taxes, spend about $1,300 a month on clothes and accessories, and owe $7,500 on my Barneys charge card. My mom made me read Young, Fabulous, and Broke over Christmas, so I know I’m not perfect, but am I really that bad? If you want to get ahead at my company, it’s this-season Dolce or die!

Suze says…

No, it’s debt or die, girlfriend! If you have that much credit card debt, you’re a financial faker. And don’t tell me you can’t look fabulous without shopping at Barneys! Are you kidding me? If that’s what you’ve learned from editing your magazine, then maybe you need to switch careers. Because, let me tell you, you can be incredibly fashionable without spending a lot of money. That’s the key today. Don’t blame Barneys. Just figure out another way to look as great as you need to look until you can afford to shop there! I’ll never forget when I had Carson Kressley on my show. I asked him to identify what he thought was the most expensive thing I had on. I was wearing a jacket that cost $100 and a T-shirt that cost $700. He thought it was the jacket—he thought it was Dolce! It’s about how you wear your clothes. If you have debt, you wear them slouching. You can’t wear them sexified, because you know the truth. When you have debt, it comes through in every strut you take!

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