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2010 February 11

Suddenly Suze!

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Suze Orman Suze Orman
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Who are your favorite designers?

I love, love, love, love Rick Owens. For my more conservative side, which I have to display, obviously, I love Donna Karan, Giorgio Armani, Escada, and Stella McCartney, once in a while. McQueen, I also like. But my honest to God favorite is Rick Owens. If I were thinner, watch out! I mean, really, if I could pull it off, oh, oh, watch out!

You’ve got expensive taste! Do you ever experience retail remorse?

Nope! I don’t need to. I am a very, very wealthy woman, and I couldn’t spend it if I tried. I don’t have to cope with guilt. However, I don’t buy things just because of their price tag. I’ll go and find other stuff, like my Lululemon. I love it! Or my Young, Fabulous and Broke jacket—I love that! I don’t buy based on price. I buy things that I like how I look and feel in, and if they’re different. I do not like things that look the same. It drives me batty!

Do you ever break your own budget?

No. I don’t have a budget. If I want to go out and spend $200,000 in a day, I will. But I never have. You know what’s so funny about having more money than you know what to do with? The desire to go out and spend it and buy those things goes away. It just goes away.

Who’s your style icon?

I love how the stylist Lori Goldstein styles people. Whenever I’m looking through magazines, and I see who has styled someone and I’m liking them, it’s always Lori Goldstein.

You’re in great shape. What keeps you going?     

Listening to Lady Gaga gets me going! Also, looking in the mirror and going, Okay, I’m going to go work out! Listen, there is nothing that will fuel you more than standing naked in front of a mirror and seriously looking at yourself. EMILY POPP

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