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2011 October 27

Stacy London at Vogue: "I Was Like the Class Clown"

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Stacy London at Stuart Weitzman Stacy London at Stuart Weitzman
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(NEW YORK) Last night, Bloomingdale's hosted a shop-'til-you-drop gathering in celebration of the grand opening of Stuart Weitzman's second floor boutique. What Not to Wear's Stacy London, a longtime Weitzman devotee, played hostess-with-the-mostess sporting the brand's Airy ankle boot stilettos. Your Daily caught up with the sassy stylist to dish on her early days as a fashion assistant at Vogue. BY MARIA DENARDO

OK, let's talk Vogue!
There's no better place to work if you care about fashion, but it's boot camp--sink or swim. I was there when I was 180 pounds, so I was like the class clown. 

Is there a required weight limit to work at the magazine?
No one ever said anything about my weight, but everyone there is thin. I got to be around the most amazing photographers, models, and clothing, but I still felt separated from it because of the weight. It was hard. 

What was the dress code like?
Thankfully, grunge was in. I could wear Mother Earth skirts and be, like, 'Steven Meisel shot it. Peace.'

Do you still chat with any of your former co-workers?
Absolutely! Mary Alice Stephenson, Ann Caruso, Candy Pratts Price...It was the best and brightest stars of fashion all in one place. Grace [Coddington] was there. Andre [Leon Talley]. Everyone. I came in around '91, which was really the golden age.

Do you have a subscription to Vogue?
I don't have subscriptions of any kind. I read everything I can read on my iPad. The only time I buy magazines are for plane rides. I like to rip out the pages. I have a massive box in my storage room that's just tear sheets. What I'm waiting to be inspired by, I have no idea. 

What are your memories working with Anna Wintour?
She scares me to death. The ice queen thing is real in that she's so composed, and you never know what she's thinking. My very first week, I made the mistake of getting into an elevator with her by myself. I was wearing teal polyester pants from Express, thinking I was the bomb. We were at 350 Madison then. It was a painful 13-floor descent. That ride was so slow; it felt like 120 floors! She wore her sunglasses the whole time and just looked me up and down. I never wore those pants again.

Would you ever go back?
I don't know. It's not that I wouldn't do editorial, it's just that I've learned so much since my time there. I'm the editor-in-chief of a magazine called Westfield Style, using the retailers inside Westfield Mall to create a magalogue. You can see what's in stores now and how to style it. But, it doesn't have the artistry of Vogue. It's more about the consumer.

What's next?
I'm launching my first book next year. It's partly about the importance of style on self-esteem and partly autobiographical, with more anecdotes on Anna!

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