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2013 October 21

Scott Lipps On His New Book, 'POPLIPPS: Plus One'

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Scott Lipps Scott Lipps
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(NEW YORK) Fashion's jack of all trades, One Management founder Scott Lipps, has a new book out that's culled from his Tumblr, POPLIPPS: Plus One. The slew of photos are an intimate crib sheet to Lipp's life, and as one might expect, it's a day-to-day filled with many mods and much more. The Daily rang up Lipps for the full dish.


Why'd you decide to turn your POP LIPPS Tumblr into a book?
I've been doing this blog for the better part of three or four years now, and it gives a pretty interesting perspective behind the scenes of fashion, plus a little bit of the music world. Designers and models have come out with all kinds of books, but none from someone running a model agency/entertainment company. The idea was brought to me by powerHouse to collaborate on a book together, so the publishers were already readers and fans of the blog. 

What was the process like?
We were actually able to put it together very quickly! We met at The Smile on December 15
th to plan the book, and it was done by March. It was basically putting pictures together from the past few years: pictures from The Smile, the [One Management] office, Bond Street, and my life with Courtney [Love]. I feature a lot of my friends and people that I work with in the book. We live in a society where people like to see themselves on a daily basis, through Instagram and selfies, so it's not that weird to extend that concept into a book.

How did you get hooked on Tumblr?
When Rich Tong was at Tumblr, he became a fan of the site. Tumblr actually featured it in their fashion spotlight six months after we launched, alongside 15 others, including W and Vogue. When we started, we had close to 100,000 followers; now, we have close to 300,000 followers. I'd never used Tumblr before. But once I got lunch with [Tong] and got hooked up on Tumblr, it all sped up pretty quickly.

Who's the targeted readership?
It's for people interested in fashion scenes, celebrities, music, and beautiful people.

The book is pretty petite for a photo-filled tome! Did you consider making it bigger, fatter, and generally coffee table scaled?
It was actually a very conscious decision to keep it this size. I thought it'd be great for the models to carry around. It's small enough to fit in your purse! I also always loved the size and concept behind Juergen Teller's Go-Sees, which is a lot thicker but wasn’t that different dimension-wise in size. One model told me she read it on a plane. I mean, the book is not that long, so I can’t imagine reading it on a six-hour flight. But reading it for an hour or so it is great!

Got any pointers for taking great shots?
It’s all about the lighting!

Where are the best-illuminated spots in NYC?
I'm very fortunate to be based on Bond Street. For some reason, it's all about the lighting on Bond Street. I see shoots going on there every day;Vogue also shoots there a lot. 

How'd you decide who made the cut for inclusion in the book?
The majority of pictures are of clients or friends. The whole idea is that everything has one degree of separation; everyone's sort of connected. 

Did you consider having more text, or was it alway a photo-centric read?
After reading Courtney's forward, which was so heartfelt, there was nothing left to say. She's so great with words; she's been a lyricist for so many years. 

What's it like juggling your drumming gig with your day job?
Sometimes I feel like I change into a Superman outfit to go play for huge audiences at festivals and shows. I can honestly say I lead a fairly interesting life

What's more exhausting: touring or running One Management?
I love the energy and the people in NYC, but it's definitely an exhausting city. As far as my tours, I don’t think that driving 14 to 17 hours on a bus is very glamorous! I definitely have a newfound respect for the people that have been doing that their whole lives. But I'd be lying if I said that either of my jobs are glamorous all of the time... 

So will your next book be your autobiography?
I hope so! You never know. I'd need to spend a lot of time working on that. There have been a lot of interesting stories over the years.

Why'd you put Chloe Norgaard on the cover of POPLIPPS?
It's not like we found her off the streets, but Chloe was a great find. She was referred to us; and she walked in with rainbow-colored hair, which was a bit untraditional, but she just had it. She had the whole package. You can’t hang around Chloe for a day and not be inspired by her mythical character. She's almost from another time. 

What do you do when you're off duty?
I'm always eating sushi! I love sushi. You can occasionally find me at Electric Room. But I don’t go to bed at 3 a.m.; I go to bed between 12 and 1 most nights, because I have to get up at 6 a.m. most mornings. You just can’t go out super late every night and wake up early in the morning every day for work! If I don’t get at least five hours of sleep, I'm a wreck, like anyone else.

Do you ever cap yourself from the going-out grind?
I try to stay in at least three nights a week!  

What do you do on nights off?
I watch a lot of The History Channel and Food Network whenever I have a free moment. Sometimes it's at 6 a.m. I'm obsessed with those two networks. I love everything on the History Channel, from Pawn Stars to American Pickers. 

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