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2010 February 17

Runway Reviews: Dennis Basso, threeASFOUR

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Dennis Basso, Fall 2010. Dennis Basso, Fall 2010.
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(NEW YORK) Dennis Basso
Is it Patti Wilson's styling? A renewed focus on sexiness? An updated idea on evening dressing? Who cares? Dennis Basso, that foxy institution, has something for all ages and stations to drool over. Whether it's those sublime throw-on furs--destined for the first class cabin of Continental #44 to Milan--or an evening gown jazzed-up with leather epaulettes or a strap-on fox sleeve, this collection made new and improved statements with each look. We'll have whatever he's having!

When a gong signals the beginning of a show, you know you’re at a threeASFOUR presentation--and things got quite scientific last night at Milk Studios. The designing group is known for incorporating an element of performance art into their presentations, and this season smoke poured down the runway as models walked to take their respective places on a star configuration, representing the twelve core alchemical processes. Inspired my alchemy and the mysterious, faraway feeling to truly understanding nature, the trio presented fifteen looks, all under the umbrella of seven different metals: lead, tin, copper, iron, mercury, silver and gold. Mathematical and systematic, the collection encompassed fire, water, earth and air. Delicate sets covered the girls’ faces, and metallic coils wrapped intricately around the body frame, creating dazzling, if dark, designs.

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