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2010 February 9

Robert Verdi On Robert Verdi

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Fern Mallis and Robert Verdi Fern Mallis and Robert Verdi
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(NEW YORK) Somewhere between Jersey Shore and Kell on Earth, make room on your TiVo for The Robert Verdi Show starring Robert Verdi. Airing on February 10th at 10 p.m. on the LOGO network, the laugh-out-loud reality show will follow Verdi and his staff as he tries to market himself with everything from a not-so-appropriate children's book to anti-aging sunglasses. Last night, the star joined  Betsey Johnson, Sandra Bernhard, Liya Kebede, Colin Cowie, Jay Alexander, Ana Ortiz, and Tinsley Mortimer, at the SVA Theater for a sneak peak of the first two episodes.

In his introduction to the audience, Verdi shared, "It's a little bittersweet tonight because my parents aren't here. It's a little sad because my dad has Alzheimer's disease, and my mom's taking care of him. It's really sad, but I like to have fun with it. Like every time I visit, my father actually forgets I'm gay. So, I actually use it as a cathartic practice to come out to him time and time again, sometimes seven times a visit." Intrigued? Let this be an indication for what's to come in the televised season. As for Bernhard, she gushed over the man of the evening while berating other reality stars who she believes, unlike Verdi, have little talent to speak of. "There was a time when people came to New York--they were young and they were hip," she said. "Now they're just young and obnoxious and need to get into bad relationships to have something to talk about and dramatize in some crapped-up reality show." Indeed. 

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