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2012 March 9

A Moment With...Patti Hansen

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Patti Hansen Patti Hansen
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(NEW YORK) Last September, model and designer Patti Hansen (yep, that's Keith Richards' wife!) launched Hung on U, a line of seventies-inspired teardrop bags priced between $250 and $8,500 that are "nice and flat so you can fit as many as you want in your suitcase." We caught up with Hansen in the driver's seat to HSN for the debut of her exclusive capsule collection featuring five cross-bodies, all under $300. MARIA DENARDO

How did Hung On U begin?
It began in the late seventies when a friend of mine created this bag called the Supermodel. We were all wearing it. When you're twenty, you wear something twice, stick it in your closet, and forget about it. That's where the bag stayed for the past thirty years until my daughters brought it out of the closet a couple years ago. From there, my friend Molly Madden and I created Hung on U, utilizing the same iconic shape while adding iPhone pockets, an interior lining and new fabrics. 

How is the HSN collection different from your core line?
There are three sizes: small, medium, and large. We added studs and the whip-stiching. We changed up the color and gave it a little more bling. We really wanted to make our bags accessible so we resourced these great quality leathers in fun shades.

Is this a limited-edition set?
We'll have to see. HSN is a wonderful company, and I've really enjoyed working with them. They have a mean machine going here! 

What do you think of the modeling world these days?
It was a lot more relaxed back in the day. When I first started, I was doing my own makeup and hair, and I had to bring my own bra and underwear.

What's it like working with Patrick Demarchelier?
He's the most fun! I've been working with Patrick since I was 16. He has not changed one bit. He's still this crazy photographer, and you still can't understand a word he says. That man has not learned to speak English yet! 

How about Helmut Newton?
Oh, Helmut. He was a funny guy. I was 17 when I did a Chanel campaign with him. Everyone tried to make you frightened of him, but he liked me. I tried not to give him all the kinkiness he always wanted. He was a bit of a nut.  

What was Didier Malige like on your first photo shoot?
I love Didier! We did our first shoot together for Glamour in 1973. He was quirky and comfortable. We got along like brother and sister. I love him.

What designer could call you back to the catwalk?
Michael Kors is like my little brother. He's been so kind to me. I enjoy his company and his clothes. We don't hang out, though. When I have free time, I like to be with my family.

How's Keith?
He's great! He's writing in the studio and playing a lot of blues. We really love country. He's always telling me I should sing with him.

Does he still write you letters in blood?
No more blood! We're more into planning vacations together now. We're hoping to go to Paris for a week soon.

Do you plan on expanding into other design categories?
I'm obsessed with my little French bulldogs right now, so I'd love to design some fabulous scarves and fabrics for them. I've been doing some fun drawings. I'd also love to take a jewelry course--maybe make some jewelry with little French bulldog heads. I've been doing some fun drawings and playing around. Who doesn't love their pets?




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