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2013 June 26

Menswear Spring 2014: Giorgio Armani

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Giorgio Armani Spring 2014 Giorgio Armani Spring 2014
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(MILAN) Giorgio Armani
When it comes to most things, two is better than one. This certainly rings in as true when we’re talking about male models on the runway at the Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2014 Men’s Show. Mr. Armani paired off duos of hunky models in looks that were downright identical. Think blue neoprene jackets in two different cuts, paired with nearly the same navy pants, brown leather satchels, stunner shades and leather brogues, sans socks. The following duo wore nubby shawl-collar sweaters, with only one button fastened over graphic tees, finished off with blue trousers and matching pairs of slippers.

But it was really the attention to detail that stole the show in Milan. Pocket squares were haphazardly scrunched into colorful jacket pockets, suede and leather belts interrupted fluid silhouettes, zippers were left at half-mast, and only a select few buttons were used to their fullest function. While most of Mr. Armani’s collection was presented in deep shades of blue, one standout look was white on white and offered proof of why this man has become such a cornerstone in the fashion world. A look this basic could be easily forgotten, but when it’s comprised of only a stiff leather shirt, slim fitting pants, and mesh leather sneakers that may prove tricky to shake from memory.

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