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2010 February 24

Meet Bora Aksu!

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Bora Aksu Bora Aksu
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Post-show, The Daily caught up with one of our favorite Turkey-born designers. Aksu dished about some of his favorite people...everyone from Mark Fast to Edward Scissorhands!

Tell me about the collection.
It was about Edward Scissorhands getting married to Marie Antoinette. That was the whole story, and everything was built up around it. There was the fluffiness, but then there was also Edward Scissorhands—all that contrast!

How do you think those two would get along?
I think they’d get on really well!

How do you feel about kicking off fashion week?
I’m so glad that I’m done! I’m going to see my friend Mark Fast; he’s showing tomorrow. He’s a great friend of mine and I want to support him. I might go see Jonathan Saunders.

What do you think of the LFW community?
It’s so great, and there’s such a creative field here. I think it’s the most creative of all the Fashion Weeks, because it’s more based on individual designers, and not so much about corporations and stuff. It’s great, I think. I really like being part of it.

Are you glad to have brands like Matthew Williamson and Burberry back?
They all started here, so it’s nice to see them coming back . It’s a good environment—almost like a reunion!

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