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2012 September 25

Fashion Week Musical Interlude! With Marina and The Diamonds

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Marina Diamandis, aka Marina and The Diamonds Marina Diamandis, aka Marina and The Diamonds
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(NEW YORK) As the month of Spring '13 catwalks segues from Milan to Paris today, why not take a much-needed music break with the beyond charismatic, completely adorable Marina and The Diamonds (given name: Marina Diamandis). The seriously talented crooner has been opening for Coldplay all summer, and has a kitschy signature look that's likely spawned many a faux heart-shaped tear, overload of girlishness, and some intentional roots-ridden bleach blond coiffures. Just don't expect Diamandis to hit a sewing machine anytime soon...

What type of crowd does your music typically resonate with?
There is a huge teenage contingent at the latest shows, and a gay fan base as well. 

Do they often dress like you?

They do it really well! Especially girls wearing bows and hearts; it's really cute!

What's the oddest objects of affection you've received from your fan base?
The fans have been making quite a lot of Electra Barbie dolls. They draw roots on the dolls' hair with marker. I've got like six now. It's getting really creepy!

What do you look like when you’re not in performance mode?
No one would ever recognize me on the street. I don't have any makeup on. I usually wear skinny jeans and a tee shirt; because I always have to be so high maintenance, I just like to look like a bag lady on my off-days.

What kind of maintenance are we talking about?
It's like a uniform with the heart, the eyelashes, and everything. Nothing can be missing! It takes 45 to 50 minutes. 

What’s the story behind that heart-shaped faux tear?

The heart signifies heartbreak. But it's not a jail tear like Lil' Wayne’s. My newest album is based around a fictional character, Electra Heart, which developed in order to fully discuss the relationship experiences I've had. There's not really much sense to it, except I just felt much happier writing through the character, and I was able to be more explicit. I use Wet N’ Wild Waterproof eyeliner. It's the best one—and the cheapest.

How did you get paired up with Coldplay as their opening act?

One of the members of Coldplay was a fan of my first album; they probably didn't know what was coming with the second album! I did 10 dates on the Katy Perry tour last year, with an album that was more alternative. This new album is much more pop, and now I'm touring with a rock band. So I'm probably somewhere in the middle between those artists.

Does your American audience connect differently to your music?

In general, Americans are more vocal, so it makes artists perform better. An American audience often warms me up a bit.

Who is one of the most unexpected fans that you've come across?

Well, there's this reggae band in the U.K., from Wales, and they're all fans! 

Let's talk fashion shows: What do you think of the front row experience?
I almost dislike it because the whole thing feels like an ego trip! But I still go because I want to have the best view, and you find that in the front row! It's like being on the red carpet; it's almost frightening.

Ever had any famous front row seatmates?

Kanye West at Mark Fast!

Do you catch a lot of shows in a season?
One season I went to loads; then I was like, "Really?! I'm not a fashion editor; I don't have to go to 50 shows!" Normally, I go to three or four shows.

Are there any shows on your dream list?

I think the holy grail is Chanel, really. Isn't it? 

Ever consider doing a capsule collection of some sort?

I feel kind of cynical about these things. So many people do shitty ones, and I don't want people to think I'm going to do a crap one. If I did it, it would have to be great. I'm definitely interested; if  I couldn't do music anymore I'd go into fashion.

Do you have any fashion design skills?

I tried to have my mom teach me how to use a sewing machine once, but my finger got stuck. I think I actually blacked out for five seconds. I was 15 and I was like, "I don't think I'm going to sew again!"

What's your best stage dressing trick? 

If I'm wearing a skirt that might be kind of revealing, I put a pair of tights on first, then a pair of knickers over the tights and then a second, fun pair of knickers on, like a sparkly black pair or something.

Interesting! Anyone in the fashion industry, present or past, you'd like to hang with?

I wouldn't say Coco Chanel because I think I'd be quite scared. She seems like a really strong, no-bullshit character. Maybe Stefano [Gabbana] and Domenico [Dolce]. I've emailed with Stefano before and he seemed very friendly!

What would you do with the Dolce & Gabbana boys?

Get wasted on a few shots of Limoncello!

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