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2011 December 21

Holiday Banter With Tennis Player Maria Sharapova

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Maria Sharapova with her furry pup, Dolce! Maria Sharapova with her furry pup, Dolce!
Photo courtesy Maria Sharapova
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(NEW YORK) I am officially in the holiday spirit. Yep, big time! This usually means that my post-practice time is spent on my bedroom floor, picking up the wrapping paper, followed by the scissors, tape, and the final touch of the bow. Ah, the beauty of mystery under that wrapping paper. I am finally getting my Christmas cards out and sneaking in a piece of peppermint bark with my cup of tea. Anyway, since it’s the off-season and I know I usually answer questions from the media or my fans, I thought it would be fun if I interviewed myself....questions from me to moi. Of course, it’s all about the holidays! BY MARIA SHARAPOVA

What is the best part of the holidays, Maria?
What a stupid question, Maria! We're off to a terrible start already. What could possibly not be fun about the holidays? You get to shop, stuff your face with yummy food, open presents, decorate the tree...the list goes on and on.

What is the worst part of the holidays? 
I always have to leave the day after Christmas. Between the unwrapped presents and the unpacked bags, my room is a hazardous disaster.

What is the best gift to give or receive?
This is a tough one. I love beautiful china, especially tea cups. I know that’s an odd one. Sending an elegant winter bouquet of flowers will never disappoint. And a personalized candle is always a no brainer. I like the ones from Le Labo.

Everyone knows you like food, a little too much, apparently. So what are your favorites during the month of December?
What a comment, Maria! Thank you for that. I do appreciate good food. And I appreciate it in quantities. It’s either all or nothing. Smoked ham with mashed potatoes with some cranberry sauce on the side. Warm apple cider with peppermint bark. Not sure I have time to answer this question fully. 

Do you prefer to shop for presents with friends or alone?
Solo. I am much more focused.

What is the ultimate Christmas morning?
Waking up an hour earlier, putting on a cashmere robe, heading down to the kitchen to make a cup of espresso with some homemade milk foam for everyone. I think that’s called a cappuccino. I turn on the only holiday CD I own; I think it’s all about Rudolph, the red nose reindeer. Then I sit around the tree and open the presents s-l-o-w-l-y. 

What do you do if you don’t like a certain present?
It depends who the gift is from, but I am pretty much an open book when I don't like something. I don’t directly ask for the gift receipt, but I do find a way to change it. Luckily, I have not received many bad gifts. 

Well, that’s all the time we have today. Thank you for answering these.
Thought this would never end! Happy holidays everyone!

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