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2010 July 19

Mara Hoffman Gets Trippy!

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Hoffman in Tulum Hoffman in Tulum
All photos courtesy of Mara Hoffman
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(MIAMI) Arguably one of the most spiritual and high-concept designers to show in Miami, Mara Hoffman gets aesthetic inspiration from voyages to exotic locales both far and very, very near. The Daily joined in.

Mara in India...
"I’ve traveled multiple times to India, and I love the color, the culture, the smell in the air. It is such a sensual experience. I really connect to some of the older women. I took a photo of one woman there, and whenever I look at it, I think, Oh, my gosh, that’s who I want to be one day. I hope I look like her. They always look a little crazy, but aged women are so fantastic to me."

She rides trains!
"Looking out the windows and seeing the fields and the splashes of color and the mud is always my favorite part of the trip. You see all these clay hues and tones, and then you’ll notice a bright flash of color and it turns out to be a woman working in the fields. It’s these train rides that stay with me the most."

She lives in head scarves!
"I like to have things over my head. I once made a collage of images of the universe and my body, and I’ve always been connected to the comfort that having scarves around you provides. The women and men in India have the most beautiful scarves, and they become this all-purpose fabric for everything."

She enjoys massage!
"I had a fantastic Ayurvedic massage. You’re naked on a big wooden slab, and a huge, strong woman comes in with all these hot oils. The wood is worn, so you slide around on the slick, oiled table, and she uses the table to move you into different positions."

She indulges in sweets!
"I love kheer—it’s an Indian rice pudding. And real chai, the kind you can only get in India."

She obsesses about color!
"What I love most about India is the strength of the people and the color. Even in the darkest, saddest parts, it is colorful. There’s a strength in their faces and a smell in the air. I really love the religious icons and Hindu deities. I’ve been interested in them for years, even before I visited. I’m a huge fan of Kali, the goddess of destruction. She’s all about out with the old and in with the new."

In Spain...
"My husband is a collage artist, and he had a show in Valencia last October. The food was so amazing, especially the seafood paella. Spain has it all. For years I’ve been completely desperate to learn Spanish. The next step is the Rosetta Stone!"

She takes siestas!
"Spain is so laid-back, but everything is a little bit ritualistic. In New York, we take everything for granted, and it all blends together into one day. The idea of the siesta is to break things up. There is no way I could take a nap while in New York. People would shake me awake, saying, 'Are you crazy?'"

She hits the beach!
"We rented a car and went to the beach and, later, Majorca. I am through and through a beach person. I like the sand in my hair and feeling groovy. I love getting a tan and feeling hot."

In Tulum...
She studies the moon!
"My girlfriend Lysa had everyone come down to celebrate New Year’s, and it was a full blue moon, which was insane. There’s a picture of me underneath it, and it almost looks Photoshopped. It cannot be topped."

She studies the Mayans!
"We hung out, ate tacos, and went to the Mayan ruins. I really love the Mayan culture. They are just a magical group of people, and that was a magical time. I love the pyramids, and I’m also interested in the Mayan calendar—and in the year 2012. My curiosity was sparked a few years ago when a lot of intuitive people started to come together and talk about it and explore the ideas. I’ve been interested in the ruins for a while, but it was nice to touch back, check them out, and say hey."

In her imagination...
"I found a photo of a crystal cave on the internet, but I see them in my imagination. I do a lot of mind traveling, especially when I go upstate. The great thing about traveling in my mind—and meditation—is you can do it anywhere! Usually we are filled with so much garbage and inundated with so many thoughts; meditation allows us to clear the mind so the really good stuff can come in. I also like to do different ceremonies and rituals with Peruvian shamans. That also often happens upstate."

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