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2011 November 16

Retailer Dispatch: Maison 24's Allison Julius

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(NEW YORK) While your Daily was traipsing around the Hamptons this summer, Allison Julius and Louis Marra of Maison 24 were busy bringing the Hamptons to Park Avenue. The brother-sister duo, famous for running their edgy and eccentric home decor outpost in Bridgehampton, staked new territory at 470 Park Avenue this September, coaxing in curious passerbys with an even broader mish-mash of luxe interior goods reminiscent of New York City in the seventies and eighties. We caught up with Julius as she prepared for the official flagship store opening tomorrow night. MARIA DENARDO

What's the significance with the number 24?
24 is our karma number. We founded our first location on November 24, 2008 at 24-24 Main Street in Bridgehampton.

Why midtown for your second location?
We're in the midst of great hotels here, and we want to become a destination for international travelers so that made the area really desirable. We think we could do well downtown, but we want to be in an area where we stand out with a modern style.

What's it like working with your brother?
There are no trust issues, and we have a similar aesthetic since we grew up together. It's like we have one brain between the two of us. There's no hair-pulling. We probably won't get a reality show. 

Do you offer exclusives in your Manhattan location?
We do! We have artist Derek Westfall's payphone images, taken in New York in the mid-nineties. Three images from the collection are exclusive to us. We have the only Jimmie Martin furniture in the U.S. We had an original New York City phone booth, tagged by graffiti artist Sharp, that we sold recently. We also carry the phone handset that you plug into your iPhone, computer, or iPad; we have the originals and an exclusive covered in pink Swarovski crystals. Plus, a Maison 24 mix of Papabubble candy, and much more!

How much did the telephone booth sell for?
$25,000. It's going to a very happy client who is building an apartment in New York. Three out of five clients would walk into the booth and check it out while they were browsing.

What's the largest receipt you've rung up for a client?
We've had a sale over $50,000 for someone who was buying a new home.

What items are flying off the shelves?
Everything from our lucite tic-tac-toe game pieces, to an Alexandra von Furstenberg Chiclet candy bowl. We have a fabulous Lucite baby crib that does well. The second client to purchase it was Tina Knowles, who bought it for Beyonce and Jay-Z as a gift!

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