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2012 February 13

London Fall 2012: Jonathan Saunders, Thomas Tait, Twenty8Twelve, Topshop Unique, Roksanda Illincic

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Jonathan Saunders Fall 2012 Jonathan Saunders Fall 2012
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(LONDON) Jonathan Saunders
Suiting got rejiggered by slightly preppy prints purveyor Jonathan Saunders with a Fall turnout of flouncy V-neck dresses, crisp coats, and a sprinkling of quirky patterns in straightforward shapes (big, blooming flowers; graphic, boxy cube motifs; et al). Whimsy gets dished up in exceedingly wearable and practical manners, making Saunders a lucrative name on the catwalk and at the cash register. 

Thomas Tait
This wunderkind Brit has piqued the interest of editrices and up-and-comer industry awards outfits alike. Tait's latest continues to impress, letting loose a spate of suedes, shades of olive, peppy pops of marigold, and a strong set of coats to top it all off, literally. To further the rugged sueded riffs and practical dominance of pants over skirting, Tait rolled out a grass-blanketed runway and threw in a few pairs of oversized gloves for good, slightly unexpected measure. The kitschy denim suiting could have stayed in the tool shed, perhaps; but whether sowing the fields or pounding the pavement, Tait's creations confirm his plucky, well-crafted talent is here to stay. 

As Sienna and Savannah Miller bid adieu to their role as designers for Twenty8Twelve, Elsa Elphick took the helm at the label and presented her first Miller-less collection at LFW. A youthful, wearable collection of coats, trousers in an array of dimensions, little dresses paired with sweaters and blazers amounted to a a satisfying mix-and-match selection. A shock of pink jolted via skinny trousers in the electrifying hue, plus a twee frock in the same shade. Pretty in pink indeed!

Topshop Unique
Nonchalantly cool, with equally as cool price points, tend to factor into Topshop's round-up on the runway each season. Model after model stomped around in big black boots and a rumpled-chic utilitarian wardrobe. A structured slouch of a silhouette domineered, in military-esque hues of olive, black, cream, and burgundy. Giant coats enveloped skinnies and minidresses, while billowing maxi dresses and jumpsuits bared shoulders and cinched at the waist, and oversized tops with teeny shorts completed the silhouette spectrum. A handful of pieces printed with plus signs peppered throughout added some sass. And now, we await for in-store arrival!

Roksanda Ilincic
Loungewear went luxe in Roksanda Ilinic’s newest collection. Slouchy shapes got glammed up in lavish fabrics and hues. Think sweatshirts in jewel tones avec pelt-trimmed hoods, or navy silk slacks paired with furry bomber jackets, plus frocks turned out in juicy popsicle hues. As for the shoes? Look no further than a canary yellow and pastel pink pair, epitomizing the quirky flavor of chic at chez Ilincic. 

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