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2012 May 3

Vena Cava's Lisa Mayock Discusses Witchy Music and Nostalgic Dive Bars

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Lisa Mayock Lisa Mayock
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(NEW YORK) That parfait matte crimson lip and glossy banged bob are just two of the girl crush-worthy qualities that your Daily digs about Vena Cava's Lisa Mayock. At Tuesday's annual Parson Fashion Benefit, we caught up with Mayock about the big "F" that scared her during her Parsons days (hint: it has nothing to do with one's GPA) and the scoop on bicoastal co-designing with Sophie Buhai, now based in L.A. since the duo's big LF USA deal came about. Plus, the other Vena Cavas you've probably never heard of...which just might warrant some curious YouTube sleuthing! 

How's it working out with Li & Fung Ltd. thus far?
We partnered with them a few months ago, and it’s been amazing. I can’t say enough great things about them. We’re working on more collections and a few surprises in the next couple of months; maybe some lower price points...

Any plans to tinker with that signature Vena Cava vibe?
No, it's really just the aesthetic that we've cultivated. We’re just excited to have the resources to do more with it!

What's the biggest shift to your day-to-day routines?
It’s changed a lot, actually, because Sophie is now based in L.A. and I’m here in New York. Since she headed out there in December, it's been all about emailing images back and forth constantly. And tons of phone calls.

Has it been tough to work three hours' time difference apart?
Sophie is like my baby blanket; I totally get separation anxiety! 

Do you guys employ anything to stay connected bicoastally? Any silly cat photos or weird stuff like that?
Not yet, but I feel like that’s coming.

Do you envy her L.A. status?
That’s where I’m from, so there is a lot to envy. But it does give me a really good excuse to go out there and see my family more often because I need to go out there now for work! 

Back to all things Parsons for a sec: What's it like having your face plastered on a wall of illustrious alums?
It’s totally flattering. I mean, I’m in amazing company; Donna Karan, Jack [McCollough], Lazaro [Hernandez]? Not a bad group to be included in! It looks like Sophie and I are in a band because of my t-shirt. That’s our album cover right there.

If you guys had a band, would it be called Vena Cava? 
Actually, there are like four bands that are named Vena Cava. It’s a really good band name! For example, there’s a Romanian death metal band called Vena Cava, and a San Diego post-punk band with the same name. 

Do you often get misguided fan mail or weird emails?
I wish that would happen, but it hasn't yet! Sophie and I have this ongoing joke where we get each other strange gifts, like a poorly designed Vena Cava logo or weird LP from someone’s small band.

If you guys form a band, what kind of music can we expect? 
We both have pretty specific tastes. But we share a love of witchy-sounding female vocals. 

What kind of witchiness? 
Beth Orton! We love the Cocteau Twins and that kind of thing.

What do you wish you’d known while attending Parsons?
There was this disconnect for me: I didn't know that the things I liked and fashion with a capital “F” were actually the same thing. Just because I went to dirty dive bars and all, it didn’t mean that couldn’t be fashion. I didn't understand that back when I was in school. 

What kind of dirty dives did you frequent back then?
Max Fish. I don’t think I’ve been there in five or six years!

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