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2010 February 8

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Tamara Mellon Tamara Mellon
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(NEW YORK) Kroell Investment [Vogue UK]
Lanvin's mysterious investor, Ralph Bartel, is linked to Devi Kroell, another growing luxury brand

The Foot Behind Jimmy Choo [WSJ]
A few of Tamara Mellon's footwear stats: the Jimmy Choo mogulette has over 800 pairs (she's lost count), in a 23'X15' closet--and at times wears more than 3 pairs of shoes in a day

Pulse by Karin Nelson [NY Times]
From the denim tuxedo (now a fashion do?) to Ann-Dexter Jones' jewelry line...Plus! Your new favorite moto jacket--for a steal...

Veronica Webb, Coco Rocha reporting on Fashion Week [Page Six]
The two models will report on Fashion Week for NYC Life for

Behind the Scenes: The Product Specialist [On the Runway]
Pattern maker and production manager Cindy Ferrara: "In the beginning, I would bring mannequins in my duffle bag so the sewers in the China factory had a western figure to work with. Again, it was this sense of origami, that’s how they approached pattern-making. It was the kimono heritage. The idea of rounding and shaping was foreign to them. And they were all running around in Mao jackets. There was no fashion. I’d bring fashion magazines from New York and they’d just have a heart attack looking at them."

Supermodel Maker [Vogue UK]
Donatella on her famous love for supers: "It was a time when designers were afraid of models with fame. They were afraid that the clothes would be overtaken by the fame of the models. I said to Gianni, 'Do not be afraid like everybody else, because it is just stupid. Fame on fame means more fame!'"

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