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2010 February 5

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Tavi Gevinson Tavi Gevinson
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(NEW YORK) The New Boy In Town [Vogue UK]
Yvan Mispelaere speaks: "I think as DVF has become bigger and more important over the last 10 years, there are some expectations to take it a step further"

A Veritable Vision in Five-Inch Heels [NY Times]
Llorraine Neithardt, "a full-time psychic and part-time shoe guru," directs shoemaking workshops from her Hell's Kitchen apartment

Random Questions For...Tavi G [The Fashion Informer]
How does the fashion-obsessed child wonder spend her weekends? "This weekend I had a sleepover with a friend (we made up a dance to Bad Romance), then made the Tenenbaums on Sims with another friend, and today I went record shopping and played guitar with another friend and watched Heathers"

Sightings [Page Six]

Who's hitting the town--from Anna's date with Bee to Damien Hirst's unlikely choice in headwear...

Custom-Made Is Spreading Far Beyond Savile Row [NY Times]
It's not just shirts and suits that men are having made bespoke--fragrances, watches, even sneakers and skateboards are being made to order

Shop 'Launch My Line' winner Kathy Rose’s Native Rose collection online [LA Times]
Keeping up with launch my Line? The winning collection is ready to shop at

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