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2010 April 30

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Karl Lagerfeld Karl Lagerfeld
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(NEW YORK) Fashion Visionary [Vogue UK]
Karl Lagerfeld will be honored with the Fashion Visionary Award from the Couture Council of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York this September---but more importantly, this means he will be in New York for Fashion's Night out

Is QVC Reselling Used Cosmetics? [Stylelist]

Several claims against the home shopping channel say that QVC customers have received makeup and products that have been used

In the '70s, Vicariously [NY Times]
Ultrasuede director Whitney Sudler-Smith: "As a child of the ’70s, whose tastes were formed during that time, I think Halston represented everything that was right and was wrong with that time...The glamour and decadence, that chic sensibility, it was so prescient. You wish it still existed now, but it will never happen again”

Survival of the Finest [WSJ.]
Couture business may be fading in the states, but major fashion houses are looking to the Middle East and Russia to sell their over-the-top creations

Graduating From Lip Smackers [NY Times]
"The choice between prohibition and harm-reduction has long divided parents on prickly issues: forbid alcohol or supervise the inevitable kegger? Preach abstinence or buy condoms? Now, the struggle shows signs of coming to a new front: the cosmetics counter"

'High Society' may welcome Lady V [Page Six]
And in today's High Society news: Lady Victoria Hervey may move to New York from L.A. for the second season

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