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2010 March 22

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Yves Saint Laurent, in 2001 Yves Saint Laurent, in 2001
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(NEW YORK) Yves Saint Laurent: cocaine nights and dark secrets [Times UK]
A new YSL biographer reveals the truth--not the fantasy--behind the designer: "“He was only a couturier...He didn’t invent the artificial heart, he didn’t lead any revolution and he is not the author of any masterpieces. His dresses, kept in a cold room, disappear with the women who wear them.”

Filching a Good Name for Internet Use? [IHT]
LVMH's ongoing war with Google ("when unauthorized parties buy its trademarks as keywords to generate search ads, its own cost of using those brand names on Google soars") is supposed to come to a head Tuesday

Model Jolie [Vogue UK]

A 15-year-old Angelina Jolie's model pictures will go under the hammer in California this week

A Rare Spirit, a Rarer Eye [NY Times]
She's a fashion icon for her androgynous style--but give her a Dior ball gown (which she says she loves for "their cut, their architecture"), and she's a new woman

Fashion Democracy [The New Yorker]
The New Yorker tackles Polyvore, a virtual playground for would-be stylists and editors: "Fashion magazines are widely perceived to be snake pits, but the Polyvore community values kindliness, mutual affirmation, and tact"

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