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2010 February 10

Les Heures de Parfum

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Les Heures de Parfum Les Heures de Parfum
Vincent Peters © Cartier 2009
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Cartier is back on the olfactory scene with five signature fragrances, which is part of the Les Heures de Parfum collection, composed by their in-house perfumer Mathilde Laurent. Each delicious scent is not created with a particular time of day or a season in mind, but with life's most memorable moments. L'Heure Promise captures the naivety of youth, L'Heure Brillante brings parties and society life to the forefront, L'Heure Folle is made for the luxurious red carpet moments, L'Heure Mysterieuse represents solitude and silence, and La Treizieme Heure is for the times when anything is possible. Capture your moment in style. THE DETAILS: $250, Cartier boutiques

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