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2013 January 17

Lady Gaga's Haute Couturier Iris van Herpen Launches Ready-To-Wear

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Iris Van Herpen Haute Couture Iris Van Herpen Haute Couture
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(NEW YORK) Everyone's haute for Herpen. Futuristic Dutch designer, Iris van Herpen, is launching her first ready-to-wear and accessories line after five years of working in couture. Fans like Lady Gaga and Björk have been known to wear her elaborate three-dimensional dresses (as only they could), but Herpen is looking to expand her audience by taking her artful creations a little more mainstream but no less complex. Using materials like laser-cut Plexiglass spikes and leather treated with lace and foil, Herpen's line of twelve looks will range from knitwear starting at $775 to dresses that will max out at $7,120. As for footwear, Herpen collaborated with United Nude on a line of shoes featuring the likes of booties with fanged heels—perhaps just a bite of what's to come. 

The name of the collection? Phy-tha-go-rash. Not one for simplifying, the line's nom de plume is based on an obscure book by Dutch artist Bruno Ernst, based on the mathematical art of trompe l'oeil master, M.C. Escher called Trees of Pythagoras. While we're happy to have left anything involving pythagorean theorems behind, we're looking forward to what's sure to be anything but an ordinary debut from Herpen.


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