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2010 May 26

Janice Min Joins The Hollywood Reporter

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Janice Min Janice Min
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(NEW YORK) Janice Min, the former editor in chief of Us Weekly, has joined The Hollywood Reporter as editorial director, THR parent company e5 Global Media announced today. Min left Us Weekly last July after what was assumed to be a contractual dispute with owner Jann Wenner. She joined the magazine in 2002 and was named editor in chief in 2003 upon the departure of Bonnie Fuller.

The Hollywood Reporter was recently acquired by the Richard Beckman-helmed e5 Global Media, whose titles include Billboard, Adweek, Mediaweek, Brandweek, and others. In April, Beckman shared his goals for the entertainment trade publication with The Daily, saying he wanted to turn THR into “the most interesting media ­vehicle that covers the entertainment business. I want to create a product that is the crack—the drug crack—of the industry, whether it’s digitally or in print. I just ask that they be ­patient with us while we do it.”

Min is a significant addition to the paper in this transitional time. “Let’s say there’s a good part and a bad part about taking over a poorly run business,” Beckman continued. “The good part is you get to look around and see people who ­clearly aren’t doing their jobs so ­terrifically—that haven’t had good leadership, that are unimaginative, that have had a parent company that hasn’t invested or believed in the business—and think, This is great! I can make something really spectacular out of this. The bad part is getting there—the minutiae of laying pipe, hiring the right people, and evaluating what the brand is ready to be. It’s some heavy lifting.”

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