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2012 November 29

Balenciaga In The Cards For Alexander Wang? Tarot Tells All!

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Alexander Wang's Cosmic Forecast Alexander Wang's Cosmic Forecast
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(NEW YORK) Speculation over Nicolas Ghesquière's successor at Balenciaga has run the gamut since the designer's departure earlier this month, and Alexander Wang seems to be the strongest contender du jour. Time to hit up our go-to astrologist for some guidance from the stars! Amy Zerner turned to her Enchanted Tarot cards thrice over (check out the gorgeous, hand-painted designs here!) to assess the odds of Wang heading to Balenciaga...

Will Balenciaga hire Alexander Wang?
The card: "The Lovers - A Big Choice Between Two Equally Attractive Paths"
Amy's take: "WOW! What a love fest. They really want to do it.

Come on, my little Enchanted Tarot cards, will Alexander Wang move to Balenciaga?
The card: "The World - The End of a Major Cycle (can also mean Graduation and International Travel)"
Amy's take: He's going! Or at least that's the way it looks right now.

Will it take a while or will it happen this week?
The card: "Three of Pentacles: Work Shared In a Happy Way"
Amy's take: "They have to work it out and it is going to take as long as it takes to get it right for both parties, but it certainly looks good."


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