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2010 July 22

Helping Rupert: The Daily Picks New WSJ. Editor

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Tyler Brûlé Tyler Brûlé
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(NEW YORK) Mon dieu, such an editorial leadership vacuum at WSJ.! Who to call for the EIC gig, now that Tina Gaudoin is heading back to London? According to reports, it's slim pickings in terms of remaining contenders---all of Horacio Silva and Julie Belcove. But WSJ. owner Rupert Murdoch is looking for a "star," rumors say---so why not shoot for one, The Daily wonders?

Enter Tyler Brûlé, one of publishing’s truest innovators. Maybe you don’t have time to actually read Monocle, his monthly manual on "global affairs, business, culture & design," but it sure covers the beat that WSJ. covets, and it does so with originality and a stylish kick. Who else in the industry has developed an editorial product that seamlessly generates both branding and ad revenue without losing its edge, its voice, its integrity? And, while we’re at it, who else created a magazine as outstanding as Wallpaper (in its heyday)?

What’s more, Brûlé is one of those last-bastion believers in the glory of print. This summer, he launched a newspaper for the beach, parce que the glare on the iPad isn’t his thing. Counter trend? Yes. Pro-buzz? Most certainly. After all, Murdoch's WSJ. is not necessarily in it for the money.

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