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2012 May 1

Heidi Klum On Getting Wild, Too Much Sparkle, and Fashion's Funniest Designer

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Heidi Klum at her QVC luncheon for Wildlife jewelry. Heidi Klum at her QVC luncheon for Wildlife jewelry.
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(NEW YORK) Is there a better way to spend an afternoon than nibbling shrimp sammies and playing dress-up with Heidi Klum? No way, Jose! Your Daily recently trekked to the Hudson Hotel where QVC hosted a petite luncheon to fete the latest assortment from Wildlife by Heidi Klum, an ultra-affordable jewelry line available exclusively on the constantly chicifying shopping channel. Intrigued, we caught up with the German supe post-party to get the lowdown on all things "wild." 

What can your fans expect for Wildlife Spring 2012?
Color and lots of neon! I wanted the collection to be bright and playful for spring. I used great corals, blues, and pinks, and even tied in nature as a theme with butterfly-inspired pieces. I love the neon rubber sport watches. They’re fashionable and functional and look really great dressed up or down. I wore the pink one with a printed tribal maxi dress the other day, and then wore the black one with a fun polka dot dress when I lit the Empire State Building. 

How do you typically like to design?
I do all of my designing at home. I wake up early every Saturday morning to work on my jewelry designs. Most people would want to sleep in on a Saturday morning, but I look forward to this each week. You have to set aside some time to create when you have four kids. I collect inspiration for my designs from so many places: flea markets, my travels and even vintage jewelry. I’m German and I love sparkle and more sparkle, so sometimes I have to remember to tone it down a bit!

Any hobbies we don’t know about?
I really love creative activities—most of them center around the children now. We’re always doing some kind of fun craft project or cooking together. One thing most people don't know is that I go to bed really early. People don’t believe me, but when my kids are in bed by 8 p.m., so am I.

What's your dream project?
Designing was always my dream. I had actually been accepted to design school in Düsseldorf. Instead, modeling became a way that I could eventually pursue my dream. 

What's your "best side" when you're being photographed?
Between Victoria’s Secret, Sports Illustrated, and all of my body paintings, I think I’ve showed every side... 

In the spirit of Wildlife jewelry, who's the wildest person you know?
It might be Michael Kors. It's not because his clothes are crazy; he is one of the funniest people I know. Wildly funny things come out of his mouth, and I laugh until my face hurts. 

What wild antics are you not a fan of?
I’m not a fan of being mean to just be mean. You have to be kind, or it'll come back to bite you. 

Do you have a wild side?
If you’re asking, I guess it’s not that obvious!

When was the last time you lived on the wild side?
I went diving in the ocean with about 40 sharks swimming around me. I threw fish guts into the water, so they would all come close to the boat and then I jumped in! That's pretty much as wild as it gets after having four children.

What’s your go-to mommy phrase when your kids are getting a little wild?
"Dinner time!"

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